3D Printed Hot Shoe Eye Cup Protector for Fujifilm X-H1

Date: June 13, 2020

We continued to make full use of our 3D printer. So, today, we solve yet another problem of our day to day life.

Jay designing and refining the 3D design of my Eye Cup Protector.

I used this back pack bag for my camera gears. So, when I put my camera into the bag, I always sort of knock the side of the zipper here. And some times, if I am not careful, I will ripped the rubber off my Eye Cup, and I will need to take the eye cup off, and unscrew some screws and properly place the rubber back in place of the eye cup. So, it is very inconvenient sometimes.

The eye cup sometimes will get caught and the rubber on the eye cup will come off.

Especially I have my slightly longer lens on it, I will always have this problem. I have already don’t know fixing the eye cup for so many times. So, I need something to protect the eyecup from tearing it off from the bag, when I am not being careful.

When you have longer lens, you will have this problem.

So, let’s do some measurement and design the eye cup protector. In the original design, I design it such that there are some rectangular holes. Later, Jay pointed out that if I do so, it is harder for the 3D printer to print as it has to print the support to support the hollow part.

Very simple design. A horse shoe, and then, attach to a small box.

Always love when he focus in designing things.

He even can design until the edge is round off, instead of sharp edge. Haha

Focus in designing.

Jay is very familiar with his 3D printer now. He can fix anything if anything goes wrong.

Then, he has to import the STL into Gcode.

Let’s print. Need 2 hours and 45min to print.

FlashForge Inventor II in action.

It’s so exciting. Hahaha watching it printing.

Inventor II printing in action.

Finally it is done.

See, such a simple design. But it is damn useful!!!!

Fresh from the oven. Hahaha

Still need to clean up a bit.

AI think it will fit perfectly.

The hot shoe even has a sort of spring loaded thingy. Hahaha

Yeap!!! It fitted perfectly.

You just slide it in the hot shoe.

See how it will protect the eye cup from tearing apart by the camera bag?

The casing fit perfectly.

With this on, I can actually put the camera in my bag anyhow I like. Hahaha

It will serve the protection purpose.

See how easy I can place the camera into the camera bag without worrying it torn off the rubber of my eye cup..

I can put my camera anyhow in any way without “hurting” my eye cup.

Very useful right?

I can put the camera upright too.

So, I already tell Jay to put his design onto Thinginverse already. Because we could not find one from it. So, those Fujifilm camera owner Will be happy about it.

Should I color it? Neh….

I am very happy to receive this product from Jay. I felt that the money I spent on the 3D printer is so worth it. Hahahaha, I will think of something else to solve my day to day problem and ask Jay to print it for me. Wahahahaha Thanks Jay!

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