Our Official First Visit to Jewel

Date:  September 14, 2019

This is how we spent almost a day at Jewel.  Aiya, both me and my wife is rather busy this week.  So, we did not bring the kids to any vacation.  So, treat Jewel as a vacation spot lor.  Hahahahaha

We treat ourselves like tourist.  Hahahahaha

Yeap, a tourist will bring camera along.  Let’s also at the same time test out my cheap China made Viltrox 85mm F1.8 lens.


This cheap Telephoto lens really give very nice picture.  But I need to ask Jay to stand very far away from me.

I will indicate which photo is taken using Viltrox lens in this blog.


Shake Shack

The best time to go Jewel, I guess is 9:45am.  Because most of the stores open at 10am.  And most of the queues started slightly before 10am too.


OK, what so special about it.  We order 2x Shack Burger, 2x Shack Burger with smoke bacon, cheese fries and hotdog.


We sitting upstairs.  When the bell ring, you need to go down and take your food.

Oh… my wife is out of the F1.8 focus plane.  hahaha


While waiting, let’s take some photos using the Viltrox.

Hmmm… Kay Kay why you started to smile so ugly.  hahaha  Are you Olaf?


Why my wife must make eye big big?


Oh, I like it.


Jay is 100m away.


Here comes our food.  OK, it looks nice.


Very simple Burger.


The bacon one even more simple.  No veggie and tomato.


The bacon looks nice.


OK, quite OK.  Not as good as the Wagyu beef burger at Ordinary Burger @ City Square Mall or Wolf Burger @ PasarBella Suntec or the Wagyu burger from Black Tap craft Burgers and Beer @ MBS.  But this Shake Shack burger is much better than McDonald, Burger King burgers.  You can see the juicy juice yet not so juicy but juicy burger.


And they sell beer in the Burger shop.


OK, the burger price is slightly higher than McDonald.  But they sell beer and shakes.  So, if you order it, then, beer is close to 10 bucks and the shakes is 7 bucks each.

That is why, it become not cheap.  hahahaha

But they serve good beer, which I like, and the burger I have not much complaint.


The Water Fall

If you do not want to pay money to the Canopy Walk, then, you can do the photo taking at the common area.

But there will be a lot a lot of people.

The water fall using Viltrox lens.


Oh, I love this.  The colour is nice.


Jay Jay solo shot.


I can fly.


Oh look, snails… yucks!


Let’s try with flash, since it is black lit.


Let’s take another one.


The pattern looks nice.


If you get to the 5th floor.  You get to see this view.


It’s water fall.


Longer shuttle speed.


So, it is a great place to take photos.


Pei Tong Primary School P4 Excursion

Wait a minute, why Mr. Liow is here?  So as Ma-Laoshi???



Oh no!!!! Today is Kay Kay excursion day.  He suppose to wear uniform to go to school and bring the old folks to Jewel and look after them.

No wonder, Wen Yi (right most) sent Kay a message “Bus to Jewel left liao?”

I was wondering why Kay Kay received this message when he told me.  I asked “How come Wen Yi knows we are going to Jewel?”

So, the fact is, he suppose to be on that bus.  And Kay Kay was absent.


And we found out is mommy fault.  She give consent to go on this excursion on the Parental Gateway app and sign the hard copy form without telling us.  hahahahahaha

Let’s take a proper photo.


Another one.  Nearer to each other please.

Zader, Kay, LiangYu, YiXin & WenYi.


RC Car Racing

Now is the F1 period.  So, there will be a lot of activities promoting this.

So, after you ate your Shake Shack burger, and if you have spent > $30, you can play this RC car racing for 10minutes free.

And each game is $10 if you do not have the voucher.


It’s at the 5th floor, and there is a nice racing track.


It is a bit hard to control, but it is fun.


RC Car Racing.

Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze is $13.50 for Singaporean/PR adult and $9 for Singaporean/PR child.

Not cheap.  But it was fun.   It is on 5th floor too.


It is a room you step inside and full of mirrors at the reflecting angle that you can see a lot of copies of yourself.


The foam is for you to see if you will be hitting into a wall or not.


See, many copies of you.  And it is fun.


Actually the maze is small.  But because of the mirror, it can become big.


So, you asked me, is it worth it?  Well, if you never seen this before, then, pay the money and experience it.  But will I do it again?  unless it is free la.  hahaha


There are lots of restaurants up at the 5th floor.


All these tables are inside the dome.  So, it is air-coned.  So, I guess, with the hot weather nowadays, Jewel can be a good choice to come and enjoy the sunlight with air-conditioning.

There are in fact 110+ restaurants in Jewel.  At least 8-10 up at the roof top 5th floor.


Hedge Maze

Another maze you can go to.  OK, this is cheaper.

$10.80 for Singaporean/PR adult and $7.20 for Singaporean/PR child.

For a maze of that size, it is kind of expensive too.


Inside the maze, there is this Neither Nor gate that an open to one direction at a time.  This is quite fun.


See, the gate.

Quite nice.


The maze is not big la.


Got place for you to take photos.


My son says the flowers are creepy.  But I think is nice leh.

Like Harry Potter like that…

Perhaps the nicest place is this.

There is a stair case to walk up and sit down.  It is cooling as it is the vent for air-con.  hahaha


We played a game of card game there too.


Canopy Walk

Sadly speaking, Canopy Walk is like a garden walk, and you need to pay for that too.  But if you buy the Net walking (i.e. walking on the net) tickets, then Canopy Walk comes free.

Canopy walk is just like walking in a garden with several flower sculptures.


Because you pay for it, you better take photo with each one of them.


Kay Kay asked “Why?” because we paid money to come in.


I like this tweetee.  This is the same one that features on the video inside the lift.


Yeah it is peacock.


Ah… the croc going to eat us.


Very few flower display there.


I guess because they are not run by NPark?


Best picture of the day.  Jay Jay drinking water.


Don’t forget to sit on these stools here.  Because it is air-conditioned.  hahahaha Very cooling feel at the legs there.


Sky-Net Walking

Pretty scary.

This is as expensive as the Mirror Maze.  $13.50 for adult and $9 for child (Singaporean/PR).

But with this, you can have free access to the Canopy Park.


I think Crocs shoe is not a good choice to climb this.

Actually, if you walk slowly, and you stand up straight and look in front should be OK.


Jay scared.  So he climbed.

Kay Kay also climbing.  He scared too.

Actually I am scared too la.  hahaha

But I will video down what is it below me.  As my eyes always look up and straight.

But the boys are having fun la.


There will be people there helping you to take photos.


OK, you all can hold my hand.

Kay Kay said there might be too much weight if everyone goes to the middle.

Kay, daddy will always give you a hand.

Don’t worry, I will always be there for you.

Another selfie.


We are almost at the end.

OK.  This one I think we can do it again.

But “No No No….” is the answer.  hahahahahaha

I told Jay, we must come here training every year.  Because if he goes to Reservist then how?  Must train up so not to be afraid.  hahaha

We later got this from the Pokemon store.  Ya, there is a Pokemon store.


And we ate at one of the Chinese Restaurant and that concluded our journey to Jewel.


Everything seems to be expensive.  But it is like a theme park.  You can be like a tourist.  And play the theme park there.  So, the best is the Sky-net walking.  It worth the money as it included the Canopy Walk entrance ticket.

The Shake Shack is not too bad but quite expensive, but it has beer.







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