Jay can Cook – Coca Cola Pork Leg

Date:  September 13, 2019

Cooking is not that hard.  If Jay Jay can cook, I think you can cook too.

Of course all the stuff I teach him is very simple to do dish.  Don’t be afraid and try it!


So, as per our title, we need a can of Coke.  i.e. Coca Cola.  Got sugar or no sugar also can.


Simply get a Twee Bah (Pork Leg) can already.  Open the packet and wash it.


Boiled a pot of hot water.


Put the pork leg into the boiling hot water to cook for 1-2 min until the blood is gone, the surface all turn white colour.  This step is a common way to remove the impurities (i.e. blood) so that later when you stew the pork, the sauce is clean.

This meat is quite clean.  Not so much blood outside.  Just turn it over to make sure out side is cooked.

Remove the pork from the hot boiling water after it soaked there for 1-2 min.

Run cold water tap onto the hot pork leg.  To cool it down.

Now, it is time to prepare what you want to stew your pork leg with.

1 can of Coca Cola Light (if you don’t want too sweet).

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 6.59.16 AM.png

Chinese Cooking Wine.  I think 1-2 cup.  Based on your taste.

Then, 1-2 cup of water based on your taste.  (not shown here, later shown in video)


This is our favourite or rather Kay Kay’s favourite soya sauce, the taste of this soya sauce from Setiawan is really nice.  Don’t ask where I can buy this in Singapore.  haha Just use any soya sauce you light.  Remember, the soya sauce is salty.  So, don’t put too much if you don’t want it to be too kiam.


We very lazy, so bought this five spice powder from NTUC.  You can do 3-5 teaspoon.  You can even do more if you wish.


Some star anise (八角).  If got cinnamon stick can put too.  Those usual 卤料.


As seen from the following video.  See.. very simple.

First open the can of coke.  Pour into the pot.

Then, pour 1/4 of the Chinese Cooking Wine into the pot.

Then half bowl of Soya Sauce.

Then Star Anise.

Then Five Spice Powder.

Then, a cup of water.

What else?

Ah.. Forgot about Ginger.


Let’s cut some ginger.

And put inside the pot.

And Done.

So, big fire to boil the pot.

When it is boiling, turn the fire down to small fire.  And stew for 1.5 to 2 hours.  Until the water has gone roughly about half.

Now and then, use a pair of chopstick to turn the meat over.

So, as you can see the dish is very easy to prepare.


Once it is done.  Let’s take out the meat and cut slowly.  Sawing action with no strength.  But the knife must be very sharp.

Wow… here you are.  I cut it this way like those kwey chap uncle.  Hahahahaha, and since this is experiment, so, Jay Jay only cook a small meat.  Next time can ask him to cook the entire Pork Leg hog.  hahahahaha

I tasted it first, it was so nice, the sauce is nice too.

I then, let my guys taste yesterday, and the verdict is good.


Let’s look at the remainder of the meat.

Now, what do you see?

You can use the fork to poke the fat meat at the left.  You will find that it is still in tact after you poke.  The juice is kept within the fat meat.  If you stew with just water and Chinese Cooking Wine, it is possible you lose 30% of the fat dissolved into the sauce.  The magic is the CO2 inside the Coca Cola seal the juice and make the meat 弹口.

The juice in the main mean is also kept within the mean, that is why it is tender and juice inside.

If you look at the almost transparent part of the meat at the end of right side, I think that is the tendon.  It’s cooked but still transparent.  Nicely in tact with the mean.


OK, experiment successful!




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