Jay Can Cook – Using Kitchen Blow Torch

Date:  July 21, 2019

That day, when he first learned how to make crème brûlée.


So, I bought a second blow torch for him.

So that he can cook the beef steak using two blow torches.

Of course, must use some nice Japanese beef steak.


The key is to cut it into a correct small size so that when you cook it with the blow torch, you can control the medium rare taste by the timing.


Use some truffles oil instead of olive oil to make it more tastier.


Also apply some Japanese sauce too.


I explained to him the reason why you need two torch.

Because Tatsuya’s chefs used two.  Hahahahaha

Simple reason right.  Actually, if you use two, the fire is more heat and can cook the steak better.


Let’s do it!


Let’s see Chef Jay in action using two blow torches.

At first he was a bit scare, but after 10 seconds he can handle it without any problem ya.

OK, cooking using blow torch, you cannot judge by timing.  So, you need to really pay attention to the meat.  And trial and error.

We also spent 3 rounds to just get it right.  So it is all about experience.

And the sauce, you need to mix the correct sauce to go with the beef.

The beef needs to be Wagyu so that the oil can be burned out.

You can’t rest the meat too.  So, if you leave the meet to raw, it will be chewy.  If it is too cook, it will be chewy too.


His first plate is quite raw raw.  But it is nice if you have patient to chew it.

But good job Jay.


2nd Round, you can put seaweed and sesame to just try out.  It is actually nice.


Yesterday, we have Chef Jay to cook Scallop for our guests too.


The kids are amaze with this koko what he can do.  hahaha


Let’s see him handling the blow torches again.  Hahahaha

The scallops has to be fired one by one.  Again, the timing is quite crucial.

Sweaty face because of the heat?  Hahahahahaha

But I know he is having lots of fun.





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