First FuChow Red Wine Making @ The Madeira

Date:  July 14, 2019

This is the first two bottle of FuChow red wine made by my wife.

Let’s see if the Feng Shui of this house can make this FuChow red wine sweet and tasty or not.


The making of FuChow Red Wine is very easy.

First cook the glutenous rice.  Let it cool down.


You need the wine biscuit, usually, we bought this from Setiawan.  Make it into powder.

You also need the read yeast.  Also bought from Setiawan.  Make it into powder.


Of course, you need the bottle.


Then, you place a layer of glutenous rice, then, the wine biscuit powder, then the red yeast powder then repeat again.


Looks like this, when you spread the red yeast powder.


Layer by layer.


Let’s test make two bottle first.  Every few days, open up and stir it.


1-2 months later it will become the FuChow red wine.


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