Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish)

Date:  July 16, 2019

This is a big big water pot.

My wife put two big Tilapia fish in there.


And this water pot with the fish is the core for the Aquaponics system in my home.


Yesterday morning, a fish jumped out, don’t know why.  I also don’t know who ate that fish.

I told my wife may be need to put some sort of net to prevent the other fish to jump out.


Tonight, another fish jumped out.  Of course, it died.  Not sure why?  But the net was not there.  So, must be my wife too busy forgot to place the net.

Poor fish.

“Auntie!!!!!! Another fish died.  Come and collect the fish…”


Since I am at home, so, I asked Auntie to grill it.


Using the Hitachi microwave steam oven.  Set program No.28, and let’s grill that fish.


Ikan Bakar.  Burned Fish.  Literally, it translated that way from Malay to English.  Burned fish.


Let’s eat.

OMG.  Yummy!!!!!


My helper tasted.  “Very Sweet”.

I tasted.  “Very nice, very sweet.  Very fresh”

Here come Jay.  He just finished his shower.

He also think very nice.  The only person did not have a chance to taste is my wife.  She is outside having meetings.

Of course, my Kay everything don’t eat.

This is the story of my Ikan Bakar.  Hahahahaha


Disclaimer:  It is not pet fish.  Its purpose is to grow Aquaponics vegetables.  At the same time,  raise the fish as food stock.  hahahaha


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