Golf Drills – Fix Your Left Leg

Date:  May 25, 2019

Today is the 5th consecutive day I hit the driving range.

Ever since my heart bypass operation 10 months ago, I am slowly recovering.

I think it is time to hit the golf course.  M1 golf invitation at Sentosa come at the right time.  hahahaha

Let’s practise more and try to get fitter and hope all the golf swings have come back.


Go to Google Youtube, and search for “Golf with Aimee”.

She is my latest teacher in golf.

I was trying to decide whether to ask my coach to re-train me again or go to the driving range myself.

I have seen one of my friend’s dramatic change in his swing and he is now hitting like semi-pro, and he told me to go watch “Golf with Aimee”.  So, I did just that.

Every day, I will watch a few clips and learn some of the drills.

This is one of the drill.  So to stabilise with your left leg by point your right foot tip toe at the back.


I tried it and it actually get me the feeling of that crispy contact sound.

And the hitting of golf balls is also quite straight.

Now, will need to replicate with the normal golf stance.

Here is the practice swing with the drill.  You hear that crispy sound?

Don’t need to have big swing.  But just to get that feeling.

Now try with the normal golf stance.

Now with the driver.

Quite fun.


Hopefully, this year, I can play golf normally again.  hahahaha


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