Videos – Singapore Badminton School

Date:  May 25, 2019

Every Saturday and Sunday, Jay and Kay spent 2 hours each day to get fit at Singapore Badminton School training program @ SUTD.

As said last time, SBS has centralised all training centre and bring every one into one place to train.  June onwards, they want Jay and Kay to attend 4 hours on Sunday.  🙂  Compete in the morning 2 hours, and follow by 2 hours training.  I think it would be better la.

I can see the last few weeks, both my kids skill has improve quite a lot.  And because I can see them training from upstairs viewing windows.  That is why I was able to track their progress.


I took some videos.  And this is for memory purpose. 🙂  Hahahaha.

I can track the progress next time by comparing the videos too.  Hahaha

Today, Jay partner with this young little girl who is pretty good in hitting.

Seems like they are having fun!

Ops… Jay, why you missed.

Oops again… Jay, why you long?

Aiyo… why you long again?

Opponent mistake now.

Smash.  The girl is good.

Nice drop.

Nice return.

Nice drop.

The little girl smash again.

Nail it.

Smash again.

OK.  Let’s move the camera to Kay Kay.

Kay Kay playing with his friends.

Kay Kay now plays with his coach.

Yup, Kay Kay is having fun too.

And teacher smash Kay Kay.

Aiya, didn’t make it over.

Now, camera goes back to Jay.

He is now playing with his friend.

Then, he plays the little girl again.


The good thing is after 2 hours training, I see very sweaty Jay and Kay.  That is where I know they really have a good get fit session every weekend.  hahahaha



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