Turn Off Offensive Pop-Up Advertisement in Safari on iPhone

Date:  April 23, 2019

I used to download some e-books from a China website using either the Safari on iMac or the Safari on iPad.  And I have been using it for a long time without any problem.

Recently, when I use the Safari on iPhone to access the same web site, there are these annoying offensive Pop-Up advertisement with animation shown on the bottom of the screen.


Although you can simply click the X at the bottom right corner to close that window, but some times the offensive content is way too offensive.

If you search the Google, the recommended method is usually CLICK and turn on

  1. Block Pop-ups
  2. Fradulent Website Warning


But even if you done this, the Safari on iPhone still display the offensive Advertisement.  This is because, these offensive Advertisement is not exactly a Pop-Up, it is a new Window that is resize to fit the bottom of the screen.  So, these two settings in Safari will not work.

But, why my iPad will not show these contents?

So, if you look at the Settings->Safari, you will find this option of

Open New Tabs in Background.   (is CLICKED and TURN ON)

What it does is if there is a requirement to open a new TAB, it will open quietly in the background.  I am guessing this is what it does.


Now, if you now look at the Settings->Safari on the iPhone, the option from iPad above does not exist in the iPhone settings.

Instead, on iPhone, the DEFAULT setting is

Open Links -> In New Tab.

So, just imagine, when you go into that website, the website will open a new link, which is the offensive advertisement, and it is open in a new TAB.  So, a new window appears at the bottom half with the X button to close the TAB.


If you change the Open Links into “In Background”, then, the New TAB will not shown.  Thus, offensive content will not appear anymore.


Open Links in Background.  is the correct setting.

After you have done so, when you go to that website, the offensive link will not be shown.  Depends on what kind of Advertisement, and timing, sometimes the offensive content can be sexual implicated too.




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