Foot Detox

Date:  April 20, 2019

My wife bought a very expensive machine since a years ago.  And she has been doing this “Foot Detox” for the last 1 year.  I did it once, but its been ages I did not do it again.

So, today, we still got time before our dinner appointment.  Let’s do Foot Detox.


My wife will boil hot water.  Wow, it is quite hot the water temperature.

This is a foot detox machine made by Japanese, and she asked a friend bring back for her.  She said she has done almost 100 times, and only the last few times she see results.  And 90% of it the water did not turn brown.

If the water did not turn brown, means, you are very stress until cannot detox properly.  She was happy for the last few times as her office work is much lesser stress, and she went back to Setiawan to accompany her mom, and eat only mostly vegetable diet, and live a less stressful life.


Let’s do two cycle of 30 minutes.


Within few minutes, you can see the water start turning yellowish.


Still a few minutes.  Even more yellowish.


6 minutes, it become golden colour.


At 15 minutes mark, it turned into even golden colour or brown colour.


You can see the toxic impurities in my body get to released due to the chemical reaction of the “Electrodes??”

I don’t know the theory too..


Almost 30 minutes later… It turns to ugly brown.

My wife said this is very good.  At least, my body knows how to release all these toxic waste and detox my body.


So, I snatched a photo of the machine and search it on Taobao.

Not surprisingly, it shows up on Taobao.  RMB10,000.  Wow, this is 3 times cheaper than she got it from Japan.


Let’s see the description.

Not much description.  Just a two liner, let me try to translate.

电磁(Electromagnetic)排毒(detox)理疗仪(health equipment)通过泡脚的简单物理排毒方式(make use of the foot spa detox simple physics method to detox your body)洁净血液(cleanse your blood)排除酸毒垃圾(get rid of acidic waste in your body),调理酸碱平衡(restore acid alkaline balance)修复人体细胞(fix and restore human cells)增加免疫力(improve immune system)从而达到健康体魄 (and achieve good healthy body)非进补类(not those eating tonic type method),接触类(non body contact type)纯物理排毒 (just pure physics detox method),有效调理疾病预防并发症(effectively prevent sickness and has no side effects),老少皆宜(old people can young kids also can)全家共用(whole family also can share use)



Now I am the second 30 minutes.  As you can see, there are some white cheese like foam inside the brown water.


Can you see the white colour cheese like thingy coming out.


There is also black black colour thingy.


Just search Food Detox in Google, you get this.


So, what does the colour actually mean.

I got some Orange colour initially (gold colour) so, it is detoxing my Joints and Arteries.  I dont’ have Gout.  But may be arteries related illness (i.e. heart condition?)


The white cheese like particles, hmmmm… Too much Yeast?  May be ate too much yogurt?

The black Flecks indicates heavy metals in my body… this is usually related to high radiations too.  Too much electronics gadget?

I actually don’t know what all these mean.  But my wife conveniently says if it can release and detox, that is very good.  From the rate I release all these toxic waste, she said I am in good health.



Here is another colour chart.  I also have Yellow.



So it is very common lor…


That finished my one hour detoxing.


Water very dirty.  Very good.  I am detoxing.


Legs so dirty.


Jay Jay, it is your turn.


You sure you are reading magazine?


Jay did it yesterday, and it is almost my brown colour.  Since he already detox most of the things yesterday, today, his colour is much more better than yesterday.  That means, he is cleansed.  hahahaha


After this you ask me if I feel better, I feel the same.

I am not sure how to quantify whether I will feel better after the detoxing?  I am not so sure how to quantify it.  But let’s wait and see.  Let me also do 100 times and If I have new finding, I will let you all know ya.




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