Farangse @ Greenwood Ave 24

Date:  April 20, 2019

Today, we have lunch at Farangse @ Greenwood Ave 24.

It is a new French & Issan restaurant.


It is open by chef Eric, and Emma and JP.  They just opened last Monday.  And we be sure to support them.  My kids love their food and me and my wife likes their food too.


Because of the enbloc of Park West Condo, their old restaurant ô Boeuf a 6 Pattes had to close down and move to a new location.  So, they decided to move to Greenwood Ave 24, and changed their name to Farangse.  Farang in Thai means Caucasians.  i.e. Emma’s husband is JP who is a French, a Farang.  hahaha


The restaurant is now much bigger and they have more serving staffs now.


Since we ordered beef.  So, we asked Emma to recommend a red wine for us.  This is what she gave.  The red wine price is always fair and square in this restaurant.


The price of this bottle is S$85.  When I did a search on the web, it is around S$64 without liquor tax.  So, I think it is fair to serve it at this price in the restaurant.  You know how it is, some restaurant really charge very premium corkage opening wine.

Screenshot 2019-04-20 at 10.32.16 PM.png

Today, we have tried the three soups.

The onion soups is new on menu I believe.  And it was cheesy and tasty.  I like it.


And it was cheesy and tasty.  I like it.


My son had the lobster bisque.


My wife had the mushroom soup.  Both says good.


They are French restaurant.  So they have the oysters from France.  Wow, not too bad giving that the corner shop is Greenwood Seafood Fish Market Bistro who has Oyster Night (not so sure still have it on Tuesday or not the $1.50 oysters).  Hmmm…  But the creamy $7 per oysters is at the higher price tag, but it is nice with the fresh Ikura.


But what make it nice is that this restaurant Farangse serve the oysters with this yummy Thai chilli sauce.

Ask the waiter/waitress not to take away this yummy Thai sauce because you can dip your greens salad with it, or the steak or the sausages, etc.  It is really nice.

We keep talking about it, and the waiter overheard it, and bring us another cup of Thai chilli.  haahahahahaha


The papaya Thai salad with 100g beef steaks.  The Som Tam Papaya.

OK taste.  Spicy and good.  This is Thai.  Emma’s recipe.


I like this Thai fragmented sausage.  Goes quite well with the green chilli sauce.


It is mini Thai sausage.  With garlic bits outside.


Inside looks like this, taste not like traditional German sausage.  But the flavour is just nice.


The Kor-Moo-Yang Thai Pork Neck has improved a lot.  I think they source the correct Pork Neck and make it closer to traditional Thai dish.  Still not as authentic as the real Thai pork Neck dish.  But it is good enough.

A new addition to the Thai dish.


The beef dish is always nice.


Remember this goes very well with the Thai Chilli sauce.  So as the green salad on the plate.


Kay Kay’s favourite is the Carbonara.


Yum seng.  We enjoyed the food here.


As for dessert, our favourite is Creme Bulee.


And this.  Nice. Profiteroles.


The kids has big place to play their Love Letter card games.


Chef Eric gave us these lovely cakes, FOC.


The price of the bill is a bit more expensive then before, as this is at Greenwood Ave, the rental must be much more higher than Park West Condo.

You have to make reservation.

And as usual, you need to find car park space too.  So, suggest to go early, before 6pm for dinner, so that you can chop the car park space around there.

After dinner, you can shop at Cold Storage which is a few shop away.





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