Do You Have A Kindle? Need to convert EPUB to AZW3?

Date:  April 7, 2019

Disclaimer:  This is for education purpose.  I am trying to learn how to convert EPUB (for iBook on IOS device) books to MOBI or AZW3 format for Kindle.  Please make sure you have legitimate copy of eBooks (Epub or Mobi or AZW3 format) to do this experiment. 🙂

Format of eBooks

The two famous eBook reader are using Apple Books (which uses EPUB format) & Amazon Kindle Books (which uses MOBI, AZW or AZW3 format).

Some times there is a need to convert the from EPUB format to MOBI or AZW3 format.

So, I learn how to do it from the following page (CNET page).

You need to download a software called Calibre.  It is very power software. (you can download the software from this website).

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 9.57.45 PM.png

Once you have download it, it is trivial to perform the conversion.  You can drag and drop the MOBI file for example “Ready Player One” into Calibre.  Then, select “Convert Books”.  Select which format you want, in our experiment, you can select to convert into “AZW3” format.

Once it is done, you will have both MOBI & AZW3 format.  The Calibre as I said is a very powerful software, it can also download all the metadata about the book.

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 10.01.10 PM.png

All the eBooks are stored on your PC or Mac.  It creates the folder by author’s name follow by book folders.  If you convert it to multiple formats, all the formats will be stored here.

You can connect your Kindle by USB and drag and drop files onto the Kindle’s Document folder.  But by doing so, somehow the COVER PAGE or TITLE PAGE are not shown on the Kindle library listing.

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 10.02.56 PM.png

So, the proper way is to “Send to Device” in Calibre and select the “Send to Memory”.  It will sent the default format over, i.e. MOBI.  If you wish to send AZW3 format over, then, you select “Send specific format to Memory”.

Then all your eBooks will have nice TITLE page.  Yeah!


One last thing.  I need test to see all sort of different format of the books, whether they can be used in Calibre or not.  So, I usually search to download the eBooks via Bit Torrent.  And after I tested it, and experiment with it, I am happy.  Most of books I downloaded work.  I tested MOBI to EPUB, EPUB to AZW3, EPUB to MOBI, etc etc.

I am happy now after I found out how to do it.

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