Kids Are Really Good in Playing Arcade

Date: Dec 28, 2018

One of the few memorable moments for our recent Japan trip is this. Winning all these Pokemon tokens from the Pokemon arcade machine. This is something like Tretta but more advanced.

Playing a game is 100 yen. Wow, that is a lot cheaper than playing the Pokemon Tretta in Singapore.

The graphics is much nicer, and the game play, according to what I see standing from behind, is quite easy. Although I still don’t understand many of the steps…

Everything is in Japanese. So, my questions is how on earth that the kids now how to play the game at the first place? Where everything is in Japanese. Which to choose?

Well, I must say, all kids in their era are born with mysterious game playing skills. when there are expose to these foreign games, they see the games in another fashion and immediately, they will know what to do.

When they play, they just simply have fun. Especially, when they won the mythical Pokémon, etc.

So, you can find these Pokemon arcade machine every where in Japan. We found one in New Chitose airport, one in Yodabashi Sapporo as well as another in the BIC Camera @ Sapporo, one in Grand Park Otaru hotel there.

For 100 yen per play, I think I let my kids play until gao gao. Hahahaha. I change 2000 yen for them, then, I can shop in Yodabashi for almost 1 hour… hahaha

Of course, not to forget to bring them to other arcades. Pokemon is not the only game you know.

How about Mario Kart? Yeah, they used to play it on Nintendo Switch, now, let’s try the one in the real arcade Centre.

Oh a different kind of pong or ice hockey. This one is fun…1

So much fun.

So much laughter.

Just take a look then, you know why they love it. So many pucks come out. Hahaha

I think Japan’s arcade is much more nicer then Singapore Time Zone la… of course, having good company to play with is very important too. Play date @ Hokkaido…

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