Gadget – Alpha Blanket – A Heavy Blanket


Date:  June 24, 2018

Sleeping is very important.

Sleep quality is also very important.

A good sleep can cure thousands of illness.

So, if your blanket is about 10% of your weight, you are likely to have a good sleep.

This is what I learned from the marketing material of Alpha Blanket on Kickstarter.

Yesterday, via Fedex, my Alpha Blanket came.  The box is very heavy.


Wow.. got $80 gift too… via Facebook Messenger.


This is the blanket.  It is a 20lbs blanket.  I think this is close to 10% of my body weight.


The quality is good.


I slept for one night with it, I felt good.  I think the weight on you while your sleep actually pin you down on the bed so that you produce lesser movement and hence better sleep bah.

I can’t use a boaster.  Because the boaster will distributed away the weight and defeats the purpose of the weighted blanket.

It is comfortable.  I sleep with Air-Con, so, I think it is not too hot too.


Later tonight, I will sleep with Apple Watch to measure my deep sleep level.  See if it improved my sleep quality or not.


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