Nerf Gun

Date:  June 18, 2018

Believe it or not, Jay & Kay only own their first Nerf Guns just this year.

I have not buy Nerf gun for them before 2018.

We received lots of Nerf guns as present, but we did not allow the boys to play.

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit skeptical about this Nerf Gun.


So, I set the house rules #1.

If the boys wanted to own Nerf Guns, the only game they can play is shoot the target.

Yeap, that is why we bought the sticky bullets for them so that the bullets can stick on the target board.


House rule #2 – Cannot use Nerf Gun to shoot each other.  Means cannot shoot living things.  Means, cannot shoot people, or shoot the cats.


Shooting target can be very fun too.


Make Nerf Gun like a sport.  You know, those Olympic sport shooting game.


If they got bored, that is where innovation comes in.

Shoot into the hole.


You thought it is easy?


Shoot 10 bullets and see how many you got it in.


Of course, like all the board games, you as parents also need to be involved.

If you really got very bored with the Nerf Gun, improvise new gaming rules.

Shooting blind folded can be one good challenge.



So, you can guess, my boys didn’t get to own their Nerf Gun because I don’t want them to think that shooting each other is a daily thing.  The same goes to computer games, where I don’t expose those shooting game for them.

US really need to work on their gun laws, and gun controls.

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