Taekwondo & Kay

Date:  June 10, 2018

It is the courage we are looking for.

It is the courage to face defeats.

It is the courage to not fear of any defeats, and work harder next time.  The moto is “I will do it better next time.”


Kay Kay is in P3 this year.  He only turns 9 this coming August.

And he is going to re-take the 2nd Poom grading by STF again in coming August.

His brother Jay, got his 2nd Poom when he was 10 years old.  So, he still got plenty of time to catch up.  🙂

Well, I think the main reason why he did not passed is mainly due to his answers to the Interview questions.

The grader asked him, “Kay, why do you want to take this 2nd Poom grading?”

Kay answered: “Because my brother has higher Poom than me, I want to beat my brother.”

This is what he told me with a BIG SMILE when he stepped out from the grading room few weeks ago.  He is over-confident about it.  He thinks he did well.  That is why the big smile on his face.


And I told myself “Oh-Oh…. This answer is definitely wrong!”

Of course, he did not failed mainly due to the wrong Interview answer.  His stance is not so firm, his kick not so high, etc.

And indeed, when J.H.Kim Taekwondo school called me to inform me about this news, I was wondering how to tell young Kay that he did not passed.

I told him anyway.

He felt sad.  very sad.

I hugged him.

This is probably his first time fail to pass any grading.

Especially, when he is actually full of confident about passing it.

Sometime expectation does not come as expected.

I told him, he is younger compared to Jay taking the 2nd Poom at 10 years old.

I told him, he simply have to work harder on all the poom’s pattern and stance.

I told him, he has to punch with strength, he has to kick higher.

He felt sad.  But soon, he knows what he need to do.

Work harder.  Really listen to the instructors.

And he needs to remember, “beating ko ko is not the correct answer.”

The correct answer is “I want to pass the 2nd Poom grading because I can be a Taekwondo referee when I grow up.”.

The next day I can tell, he really work hard in his sparring.

I can tell, he really put in thoughts how to fight better.

I also know because, when we went home, he find times to practice his patterns on his own.  And even asking Jay to watch.  He knew what it takes to get to 2nd Poom.  So, he actioned.

So, from now until August, he has his second chance to pass the grade.

I also tell him, he is probably one of the youngest among all the students.  So, when he grew a bit older, he will always become more mature and can handle more tougher grading.

So, the lesson learned here is…

  1. don’t be too over-confident.
  2. don’t depend on luck.  Result is the one that will tell you whether you are good or bad.
  3. must work harder.
  4. don’t play play.  You thought answer the Interview with your own answer is cool, but unfortunately, no.



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