Gadget – Garmin Approach S60 Watch

Date:  Apr 8, 2018

I am not a good golfer, trying to play better game.

Golf to me is very very social game, just like mahjong.  You take 4 hours to play 2 rounds of mahjong, you take 4 hours to play first 9 and bottom 9 at the golf course.  Mahjong needs 4 players and all we do is talk cock.  Same as golf, 4 players, and enjoy the companionship.  Sometimes money involved in mahjong, just like golf.

So, recently, I invested this little gadget.  Well, consider it an upgrade to my S20.  I like my S20, simple and nice.  But S60 gives me more.


This is the box.

You can click on the course picture to zoom in, and you can click any where to recalculate the distance, etc.  It is very useful to check how far away is the hazards.

Perhaps one of the useful thing is, that “red like” on the rim.  You can touch and hold and move it along the edge, then, you can instantly get the info for any hole you like.  It is numbered 1 to 18.

Middle big number is the middle pin.  Longer number is the back pin and the smaller number is the front pin.


Most importantly, 10 days in smart mode, 10 hours in GPS mode.  Means, still, 2 round of golf games.  But everything the software, the hardware seems improving.


But one thing I super don’t like is, every single Garmin Approach Watch that I owned comes with different charging adapter.  This Approach S60 one looks like this, and it is different from the Approach S20 and the Approach S6.

Haiz… Garmin, very bad ah you!


So, the function is similar.  When you go to the golf course, then, you press a button, it will search for the satellite and then, it will ask you to select the course you want to play.  And that’s it.

Now, this Approach S60 packed with even more function.

It has a Golf app on it.

And by using the Golf App, it tells you your game play.


Now, not only, you can input your score, the Garmin Approach S60 will record down every of your stroke.  You can see how you play the game thru out the 18 holes.

How far you hit each stroke.  where you screw up, etc.

It is the coolest feature.

Especially after the game, you can check back how you hit this hole, and how you par it.

You will remember what clubs you use.  So, how far your driver hit, etc.


It let you remember instantly, when you hit out the sand bunker, how you did.


It actually helped you to do better course management next time.  Like this hole #18, I hit my driver and push it to the left.  And you use 7 iron to hit it back and then a Pitching to hit it on to the green, finished with 2 putts.


So, the battery last slightly longer.  The golf app is great so that you can do post games analysis.  And figure out which clubs always screwed up.

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