Jay’s Playing His First Drone – A Lego Drone

Date:  Dec 26, 2017

I bought a drone for Jay.


Yeap!  It is unique.  Because it is a Lego compatible bricks done.


You got to bow to the Chinese.  Like that also can make a drone out of “Lego Bricks”.


The instructions manual is surprisingly clear and simple.

IMG_2510 2.jpg

It comes with a remote controller.


In no time, he build the drone.


It is using this remote control to fly.  Very simple, turn it on by pressing the button.  Then, press up and down quickly to initiate the engine.  And slowly very slowly move the left control upwards to fly it.


Okay, it is not easy to fly,  Jay clashed two times before he demo it to me.

But the good thing is even after it clash, you can easily fix it.


Let’s fix it back again.


See, very fast, he fixed the skeleton.


Eh, Jay, why you forgot the battery?

This is the top view.


The side view.


The bottom battery view.


The Lego drone.


OK, battery drop off.

Ok, let’s try again.  Why is he so afraid of flying a drone?

You can tell, I am very amaze with it.

And of course, I crashed it in no time too.

It is fun to own a drone.  It is even more fun to have a Lego bricks drone.  But It is at the same time very dangerous.  I am not talking about having crashed it for few times.  I am talking about the blade is so powerful and it actually will hurt anyone if you are not careful.  Look at Jay’s hand after he try to handle it with hand.  hahaha

Imagine if this is your eyes.

So please be careful when you play it.


I actually bought it from the Hobby Shop (selling remote planes, drones and cars) on the 2nd floor (corner shop) in Sim Lim Square.  It is S$65.  It is fun!


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