Kickstarter – Movie Mask

Date:  Dec 27, 2017

This afternoon, a friend just asked me what gadget or toy did I recently bought…

I could not think of any….

When I reach home, I received a few gadgets from Kickstarters… Here is one of them…

Movie Mask…


What is it?  It is a gadget that turn your smartphone into your portable Cinema!

Wow!  When I saw the Kickstarter video, I love it and immediately press the button to support the campaign.  And today, it finally arrived.


It is very simple to use.  Play the movie on your smartphone, place the smartphone in the Movie Mask, zip it up and watch the show.  Wow…


I tried it on with and without my glasses, and I must say, it is impressive.  And it works with any smartphone.

It feels exactly like in an cinema.


It is heavy if you placed an heavy iPhone 6+ in it.  But if you put iPhone X, then, it is lighter.  But the box is strong enough to hold the handphone.


It is indeed… Your portable cinema.


The story of MovieMask.


There are three models, and I bought the Movie Mask Premium.


The MovieMask C or Premium are able to adjust the desired distance.

I didn’t even put on the headphone.  The sounds is just nice.

But one benefit of plugging in your headphones is that you can control the movie play.  Pause and Play…


Simple instructions.  Very straightforward.


There is a lens in there.  So that it makes you feel like it is a wide screen.


I used my iPhone trying to video down what I see.


This is what it looks like (no focus).. hahaha just like wide screen.


The head band, you can adjust too.  You can adjust the distance of the lens/screen to your eye.


See Jay Jay enjoying it.

Oh one more thing.  I can wear glasses and wear the Movie Mask over it.  No problem.  Then I will adjust the Movie Mask away from my eyes.  If without glasses, I will adjust it closer to my eyes.

I am going to watch some new movies tonight with this.  Hahahahaha


Can buy.

(I bought it thru Kickstarter, so if you want to buy it please go and google it to see if it is available for public already?)


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