Irvin’s Salted Egg

Date:  Nov 1, 2017

I was at West Gate some times ago.  Around 10am in the morning.  Most of the shops are still closed.  But surprisingly, there is a human queue on the second floor.  They are queueing to buy something from this shop.


Don’t play play, the queue is long enough for me to take notice.  So, without any info on this product, I start queueing too.


After queueing about 20 minutes, It is my turn.

I asked the guys, what are you guys selling.  They said Salted Eggs fish skins and chips.  By the time I buy, the “small pack” fish skins has sold out.  So, I end up buying the last 3 packs of “big pack” fish skins.

So, I asked them, what is the recommendations.  They told me most of the people come to queue up for fish skins.

And it is not cheap at all!!!!

What??  A pack of “potato chips” is $16???? Wow… Singapore-made.  Same price goes to the fish skins.


As said… most of them are tourists or buying for tourists (so I overheard from their conversations)… They even have Alipay setup.  So interesting…


Two week later, because I have some overseas guests coming, so, I thought of buying something unique for them.  So, I went queue up again.  10:23am, the fish skins has sold out.


So, after that, I did some questionings among friends and some googling…  Besides the Bee-Cheng-Hiang bak-gua, the Pandan Chiffon Cake, this is the “in-thing” to buy for tourists.  A lot of tourists come to Singapore and this is the must-buy must-eat items.


OK, here comes my questions:

  1. This has become a phenomenal thingy.  So, why our Tourism board did not do anything about it?  It is a local product.  And it always sold-out within the first 30 minutes.  So, why the Tourism board have not step in to investigate why?
  2. I really don’t understand this sold-out in first 30 minutes concept.  Why do you restrict the production of such a good and nice product where don’t know when don’t know how it has become a 国宝 (national treasure).  Is it because the production is tedious?  Or is it because the production takes time, that is why have to limit it so that they can have some thing to sell every day at their outlet?  What seems to be the problem?  If it is production issue, can’t they find a way to increase the production may be seek help from the government?  such has Tourism Board?

It is not everyday Singapore come up with innovative products.  So, if we have one now, I think our government here in Singapore should take a look at it and see how to quickly incorporate it into the country image.  Give them a hand to increase productions and bring joy to the tourists.  I just cannot imagine the comments make by disappointed tourists “Aiya, we came too late liao.  All sold out yet again.”

hahaha I tried the fish skin.  And I think the slogan is appropriate.  “Dangerously addictive.”  The potato chips is so-so.

I think Irvin’s is a peranakan restaurant in Upper Thomson Rd.  I think the owners must be happy like hell now, becoming richer and richer each day by selling only salted eggs fish skins.  Good job!

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