5 Stars Hotel

Date:  Nov 1, 2017

Normally I don’t blog these kind of things.

But …

My friend checked into a local 5-Stars Hotel.

So 5-Stars Hotel, should be everything good.  Otherwise how do you earn that 5-stars.

My friend was told, you have gotten a recently renovated “new” room.  This room is room “2415”.

This is beside the writing desk.  For business user, the power outlet is rather important 1) they need to charge their smart devices, be it phones or other wireless headsets.  2) they need to charge their laptop and do work.

So, there is only 2x power outlets here.  Unfortunately, one is used by this TP Link router which is placed so openly on the desk.


It is very strange, I really seldom see a lot of 5-stars hotel placed their router so openly until if they need to put notice on the router, and say some nice thing to the customer.  This basically means, that “Don’t steal me!”.


And the other power outlet is used by charging this phone.  As you can see from the pictures above, when my friend checked into this room, this phone is not even fully charged.  (see two pictures above).


Don’t get me wrong.  The room has really been renovated.  And the toilet is nice, the bar counter is nice, etc.

But if you enter the room, and wanted to plug your charger some where near the writing desk, and you found out there are the only two power outlets near the desk, and both outlets has been used by hotel properties, that leaves zero power outlet for customer.

So, my friend have to unplug one of them so that he can charged his iPhone and other Android phone.  He cannot unplug the router.  Because he needs the WiFi.  Secondly, the hotel is nice enough to give a “local smartphone” but the cleaner did not seems to have a checklist to check if the phone is properly charged after the room is cleaned?  or to check if the charger itself is working properly or not.  That leaves a useless phone there in a hotel room of a 5-stars hotel.  So, this does not make sense to me.


So, to improve this.  May be, hide the router some where, and pull an extra power for the router.  The same goes to the “local smartphone” provided for the guest.  Improve the cleaning check list, so to always check such “local smartphone” are in good conditions to pass to the guests to use.  🙂



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