Alexa vs. Siri

Date:  Oct 18, 2017

During breakfast, Jay was reading some Space Astronomy magazine.

So, I asked him if he is aware that China’s Space Station has recently reported to lost connection with China’s Space Agency.  And it is likely that the Space Station is going to fall back to earth in a few months time.


So, I simply asked Alexa who is sitting in my living room, “Alexa, what happen to China Space Station?”

And with it’s superior conversational AI, Alexa understood what I am asking, and it gave me a good answer.

Both my son and me are surprise that China has lost contact with its Space Station since September last year!  And the Space Station is slowly drifting and will eventually going to drop back to earth.  Wow… and I only hear the reports few days ago…

So, the question is … will it burn in the air, will it drop on the ground or sea?

So, out of curiosity, I asked the exact same question to Apple’s Siri.

“Hey Siri, What happen to China Space Station?”

And guess what?

Siri ask you to look it up yourself!  or read it up from the web page.

So, that is why I always say, “Amazon’s Alexa (Amazon Echo) is much more superior than Apple’s Siri”.

Well I don’t have google, so, I don’t know what response Google will give.


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