J.H. Kim Poomsae Festival

Date:  Apr 1, 2017

They started to learn taekwondo about 4 years ago.


Today, Grand Master J.H. Kim who is the headmaster Rivas’ taekwondo teacher, came to visit Singapore again.  So, J.H. Kim Taekwondo school organised a Taekwondo Poomsae Festival.  The main event is for students who participated this event to have fun, perform and and compete with each other at each level on the Poomsae they have learned.

I was in Bandung, so my wife have to take them to the school today for the event.

As said this is just a happy event to make kids who participated happy.  But they need to compete with the other students too.  So, it is something new to Kay.


So, he picked to perform the Koryo (1st Poom belt 1st Chapter) which he has been graded during the chapter assessment 3 weeks ago.

With this, Kay won over the rest but lost 1 points to this girl standing beside her.


He is happy to get a Silver medal for this event.  This is his first ever medal he received.  At the end of the event, he said, mommy, why you never tell me got medal.  We tell him, we don’t even know what is this Poomsae Festival about.  We thought is J.H.Kim came to teach Poomsae personally, kind of thing.  LOL.

But you can see his happy face.


But soon, he become a bit sad.  Because it is Jay’s turn.


And Jay won over this kid (not sure why he is wearing a black belt, suppose to be a Poom belt, but may be he is from institutes).  Thus, Jay got a Gold medal.

That is why Kay becomes a bit sad, with teary eyes after seeing this.

And why he was not given the medal?  Because later Jay will need to perform again


After a short while, Grand Master J.H.Kim arrived and all the gold medalists perform in front of him.


Some how, Jay become very serious and make no mistakes.


Make no mistake.  Jay too, was graded and assessed about 3 weeks ago on this 4th chapter assessment.

Although is not real competition grade, but it is a good experience for the kids to enjoy.  (It’s part of marketing too, LOL)

And there he got his performing Gold medal.


Very happy kids.


Very happy indeed with his performing gold medal.


In the afternoon, Grand Master J.H.Kim is going to hand over the Poom Belt Dan certificates (with his signature) to the new Poom Belt owners.


Those who has successfully promoted to Poom belt will one by one received the certificate from him.

When it comes to such ceremony, you make sure you got two camera to capture all this fantastic moment.

Such ceremony is important for kids to get recognised by their efforts during the past years.




Class of 2016.


This is my DAN certificate.  When I am 15 years old, I will convert this to Black Belt.


My proud little Kay, take picture with his Dan Certificate and the Silver medal he won in the Poomsae Festival.


Taking photo with Teacher Dexter who train him with anger all the time, Stance Stance, stance… hahahahahaha LOL


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