Robotics Fun – A Vending Machine

Date:  Mar 11, 2017

This week at Wonderworks @ Liang Court, the senior class students is working on vending machine.  A machine that we see every day, and how do you build your own Lego Mindstorm version of vending machine.

  1. Jay has to build his own design to figure out how to accept a “paper money”.
  2. The vending machine must be able to read and verify money has been deposited.
  3. A beep to ask the buyer to choose what kind of candy he likes.
  4. Jay has to build his own track design (which he has some problem building) for the blue or gold candy to roll down.


He has changed a few design, and end up using the big tyres as the roller to roll in the money.


You want a blue candy, press the left button.  If you want a gold candy, press the right button.


The different color candy will be dispensed and roll down along the track to the bottom.  This is the part he has problem to build.  But eventually, teacher Enzo and team guided him to build.


Let’s see this vending machine in action.

Let’s see another video on this.

Mean while, the Junior class is building some robot arm again.


Kay Kay always come to Jay Jay’s side after his class and have fun with his project.





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