Mobile Phone Scam

Date:  Nov 29, 2016

When I was just checking thru my phone bill, I notice these items, it was charged $10 per entry.  So, all together, I was charged $40 for a service by Mobitrans with the description of “Game Panda”.

The phone number belongs to my son’s mobile phone.

So, immediately, I asked Jay, “Did you download any online games?”

“Did you click YES to any game purchases?”

“Have you every see any “Mobitrans” or “Game Panda” wordings before?”

Jay replied “Nope.”

He did say that he got see some gaming advertisement before, etc.


Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 8.09.50 PM.png

So, immediately, you know something is not right.

So, searching on Google, immediately, you see a lot of people were victims for such scams.


There are of course, some solutions was provided.


So, I decided to call SingTel hotline.

when I get thru, so, I asked the CSR to look at my bill, in particulars those lines.

The CSR read them, and then, immediately he offers the following.

“Sir, did you son ever download any games or agree to purchase any games on the mobile phone before?”

Of course, I told them “No.” as per my son replied me.

He continues… “Sir, OK.  This is what I am going to propose.”.

“1.  I am going to write an appeal to my management for your case, and get those charges waived.  It will take 1-2 months to rebate those $40 back to your account.”

I answered, “Oh, you know what is happening… and you will give back my money.”

he continues… “yes”

“2.  I am going to activate “Premium Rate Service (PRS) barring service for this number which is owned by your son.  If you agree.”

I said, “Oh please do.  please go ahead.”

“Sir, so, please wait for 1-2 months and we shall get everything resolved.”

I asked “So, do I need to do anything about Mobitrans or Game Panda, which I don’t even know what are those?”

“No sir.  Everything settled.  Is there any other thing I can help?”

I told him, “no, and you have a great day ahead.”

So, later, I searched the web and learned more about this.  So, in order for Premium Rate Service to work, where the merchant asked Telco to bill on behalf of the merchant themselves, the merchant will need to sent you some thing for you to agree, and then, you sent something for merchant to acknowledge, and then, merchant activated the Telco to start billing.  So, it should be a safe 3-steps process to get it work.

But these evil merchant I think found a way to by-past the first two steps and thus, by clicking a button to see the “demo”, you somehow authorise the Telco to bill you without you agree or knowing about what is it being billed.  I guess lots of cases had been happened, and that is why SingTel CSR (Customer Service Reps) is so efficient in dealing this case, and voluntarily offering solutions and close the case.

It is 5 our of 5 rating for such good customer service!

And please beware of this and let your children know the danger of clicking all these demos… hahahahaha




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