How to Peel off Egg Shells

Jun 25, 2016

Early in the morning, after we shoot photos of the great sea cloud (云海), we visited the Iozan volcano.  It is about 1-2 km from where we stay at Kawayu Onsen area.


Well come to Iozan Volcano.  Where it provides very hot onsen water with sulphur to the Kawayu Onsen hotels.


Run, run, run, it is going to explode… hahaha


We can get very close to the volcano.


Some how Kay Kay surprisingly not scare of the pungent sulphur smell.  Where as Jay Jay is still about 400-500 meter away from the sulphur depository.


You saw these boiling hot water came out from he sulphur depository here… these are the natural sulphuric onsen water.

Another shot of

Here is a nice shot of Kay Kay and mommy.  Visiting the Iozan mountain.


So, normally, when you have onsen water, Japanese is creative to cook their eggs with it.  Believing it will give a lot of health benefits.

So, you usually get to enjoy to eat the “Onsen Egg” in the nearby visitor centre.

Here are the instructions to teach you how to peel off the egg shells.  This is the first time I have done it.


Peel off the eggs is that easy???


And the egg is just taste normal.  A bit of sulphur taste.  But is nice.


It is clean and easy to throw away the shells too.


So, today, you learn a new way of eating eggs … and how can it be done easily.  hahaha


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