Ainu (Hokkaido Aborigine) Village

Date:  Dec 12, 2015

Ater a good 2.5 hours walk in the nature and watching bird….

After a very good tasty Shiraoi Beef steak…

We now heading to the Ainu (Hokkaido Aborigine) village.

I have been to Hokkaido many many times, but I did not know that there are aborigine in Japan.  I did not know that these aborigine from Hokkaido are the one who lives in Japan soil for many many years.  And now we do.


There are museum here, there are some animal farm here, and some theatre here and lots of nature things to see.


This is the Japanese who map the whole Hokkaido map.


You can feed the bear here.


Or you can see the lovely Hokkaido dog here.


We also enjoy the cultural music performance.


The local sing and dance performance.  And their dresses looks a bit like Taiwan aborigine too.  I wonder if they are related.

Most important event for this museum trip is to learn how to play the local music instrument, Mukkuri.


Our aim is to at least play one or two tunes from this Mukkuri.  Take a look at how the expert or professional plays it.

Unfortunately, all of us failed playing a song.  hahahaha It is very hard.

IMG_6329 (1).jpg

Basically,  Mukkuri is a piece of bamboo plate and you need to place the bamboo instrument close to your lips and there is a string for you to pull in a way to make vibration and the tones will come out according to the shape and size of your mouth opening.  Chim…  But it was fun.


You always can learn a lot of things from the museum.  And now the kids can read, it makes it easier for them to learn.


After the museum trip.  We are back to our hotel.  Just in time to take an onsen and then waiting for our Kaiseki dinner.

All of us are hungry.


Kay Kay has his favourite fresh uni, ikura don bowl.


He also has fresh salmon sashimi for dinner.


As for the rest of us, we eat these.  11 course Kaiseki dinner.




Soup Bowl.


The Sake from the Hotel.

IMG_6359 (1).jpg

All of us are hungry and happy with our food.


Some gluten rice.


Our grill food.


And we really grill it.


To end the day, we have marshmallow for the kids.


Of course, they love it.


And since we BBQ a lot of stuff, so, we have to take another bath after our dinner.  Which is just nice before we go into bed.  hahaha

===== How I book the tour =====

This is our private tour van in Hokkaido.


This is the 3 days tour itinerary.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.07.27 AM.png

And I book it from Ms. Misa Kawata-san from Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc.  I have done two trips with them, and we were happy with their services.


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