Kids Cooking

Date:  Jan 26, 2016

Children need to be given duties at home.  Even if you have a domestic helper, you should assign your child something to do or to help with.

Teach them how to make Ice Cream (without using the Ice Cream maker)

IMG 9534

Make their hands dirty.

IMG 9287

Their job can be as simple as taking a scissors and cut the home made macaroni.

IMG 9650

Instead of letting them watch TV or play games by themselves.  

Make them do work.

Hey, see what Kay Kay has prepared for the playdate dinner.  

IMG 9651  1

This is the great age to assign them to do things.  Even playdates can help out.

IMG 9693

Simple task like decorating the CNY decors.

This is a job for children.  Not a job for domestic helper.

IMG 9698\

Kids will be happy to decorating the house.

They feel a strong sense of ownership of our home.

The make the home looks lively.

IMG 9709

At the end of the day, lazy parents will clap their hands and say Thank You!

IMG 9716

During weekend.  It will be this fellow job to prepare breakfast.

See he just wake up.  His hair still standing.

IMG 9731

Don’t be afraid to make him fry eggs.

IMG 9733

It is the most easy task.  You know after he mastered this skill.  He can cook his lunch next time.  hahahaha

Cook rice, cook egg, put a bit of soya sauce, and that’s it.  

Of course, thru out the time, he will learn more dishes.

IMG 9734

This is the Sunny Side Up he make for all of us.

IMG 9735

And then, he will set the table and call all of us to come and eat.

IMG 9738

Although it is simple meal.  

But this meal is prepared by my son.  

And he is only 10 years old.

IMG 9741

This week.  My Sunday breakfast.  Of course, Cucumber not cut by him.  He still need some time to handle knife.

IMG 9740  1

This was last week one.  With home grown cabbage.

IMG 9502

Three weeks ago.  He tries his first ever scramble egg.

IMG 8279

This is his very first attempt.  Which is 3 weeks ago too.

IMG 8263

Some times ago, he also prepare these.  We prepare and cut the beef for him he just cook with everything in it.  Watch the fire, and that’s it.  

He felt so proud.

(The beef curry is a bit hard, I think control of fire not so accurate.  But still edible.  Next day, mommy cook another 1 hour to make the meet soft)

(Stif fry beef is nice)

(Tofu is simple)

IMG 8257

Don’t forget Monkey see Monkey do.

So, the young one also take parts in some activities.

IMG 9794

He make these cookies.  As you can see, not all cookie the same size.

IMG 9799

And yes, sometimes there are injury happen.  

Like last week, Jay got oil burnt on his fingers.  

But hey, that’s cooking.  So, what is cooking if you don’t burnt your hand some time.  hahahaha

this will only make the kids more careful next time handling cooking.

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