Star Jump at Tg Balau & Desaru

Date:  Nov 09, 2015

The kids love the beaches.  


There are a lot of places to visit here.

But we could only cover a few.  We shall explore more next trip since we have a map now.


It is a beautiful beach.  The sands is so fine that you can hardly tell there are sands in your shoe.


Let’s make the kids jump on the sand.

IMG 3842

Jay with the mild jump.

IMG 3848

Getting four kids jump in the air is a hard work.


Lukas with his flipping wings.


Jay Jay with his funny jump.


Louis with a not so high jump.


Kay Kay with his X jump.


Jay has done it.  He jumped above the sand.

IMG 1281

Here is another jump from Jay.


Let’s take a group photo.


The sand is full of transparent small tiny crabs.  As you walk, they will move into the hole.  Very fast.


The sea water is very very warm on that day.  But the red flag is up, it is not safe for swimming as it is monsoon, the undersea current may drag you away from the beach.


Kay was so happy!

IMG 1308

Let’s check out the Fisherman Museum.  In Malay, Nelayan means fisherman.


Let’s take a photo outside the museum.

IMG 1311

There are Aircon here.  So, it is nice to visit after you spent sometimes under the hot sun.

The kids learn a lot of ways how to catch fish.


Of course we have my wife who came from a fishing village to teach the kids the method they used to catch fish.


This is like feng shui.  Decorate your boat head so that you are constantly receiving a lot of fish.


You can learn all kind of fish in Malaysia.


More fish.


There are some nice model to show how a fishing kampung looks like.


Oh ya, you can ride a carriage too.  RM25 for 2 rounds I think.

IMG 3832

Or you can rent the ATV to ride on the beach too.

IMG 3833

Just beside the Fishermen Museum, you can visit the Geology Gallery.


The kids did not know there is a dinosaur in there.  hahahaha


And the kids did not know it moves.  HaHaHaHaHa


Hmm… I am not sure if Tyrannosaurus Rex ever live in Malaysia?


There are all kinds of fossil.

P1020826  1

It also gives some informative knowledge to the kids.


A fish from few thousands years ago.


This place has a diversity of geological structures.


We didn’t even know this until we visited the museum.


The kids learned how the precious stones and jewelries came from.


Some Ming Dynasty plates recovered from he ship wreck.


Yup, this is the fishing Boat.


Lovely Tucans.

Very noisy at in the tree.

Jay Jay has very good eyes.  

The adults says Monkey noise, buy Jay said Tucans.


By the way, we have not reach Desaru beach yet.  So, let’s move on.

Along the way, we see people playing the parachute flying.


Next year the Ernie Els Golf Country Club should be open.

Looks like a very nice course.

IMG 3853

Finally, after some 26 years later, I came back to Desaru Beach.


This is 30 years ago.  On a camping / chalet trip to Desaru.


It is not a Malaysia holiday, so not much people during weekday.

IMG 3856

Once again, a different beach and a different star jump.

Kay Jump.

IMG 1339

Jay Jump.

IMG 1353

Boon Jump.


Me Jump.

IMG 3857

Cheryl Jump.

IMG 1368

SP Jump.

IMG 1373

Lukas Jump.

IMG 1335

Louis Jump.


Sun is setting soon.

IMG 1372



One last look at the beach in panoramic view.  (Its few kilometres long)

IMG 1413

Bye bye Desaru, we will come back again.

IMG 1414

A check on the LTA web cam.  Oh No, traffic jam on Tuas.

At first we wanted to go back to my mum place there to eat 三楼海鲜馆.

On the way, we checked again the traffic cam.  And now, the causeway is full of cars.  Jam.

So, we changed our mind to go by Tuas.

Before we do so, we found 福生海鲜小馆 at Bukit Indah.

This chicken is nice.

IMG 3893

The Tofu is very nice.  Especially those green green veggies.  Very very nice.

IMG 3895

We end up eating a whole table of food.  And it cost $170 Ringgit only.  It is about SGD$60.  Wow.

IMG 3897

Every one very happily go home.

That concludes our trip.

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