Lego Stop Motion Movie

Date:  Oct 4, 2015

My home become the playroom for these playdates kids.

This week, we shall make Lego movies.  The three kids suppose to come up with one movie.  

Ashlyn is the director, she directs.  Means, she tell people what to do.  It is very important for her to make sure, no legs no hands in the camera.  It is also important to make sure things are moving every where in the scene.  Means, while getting people into the park, the turning wheels keep turning, not stopping, people keep walking, etc.  You know those kinds of details.

Riandy is casting director.  He decided who goes into the scene and what props go into the scene.  

Jay Jay is the mover.  He move the props and characters as per Ashlyn.

Hahahaha, no need to sent them to those courses offer making of Stop Motion video.  I have it here at my home.  hahahaha

IMG 1187

I bought this software a long long time ago.  Wow, they are now $9.99.  I think last time when I bought it it is still $1.99 or 99c.  And I load it up onto all the iPhones and iPads.  So that the young kids can play too.

Screen Shot 2015 10 04 at 7 27 35 AM

 Here is the production.  They have not learn how to import the movie into iMovie to add sound, voice, music, and text… That is next few times later.

It is crude, but I am sure it is lots of fun.  And the name the video “The Sheep Demolisher”.

And too many hands and legs in there.

And the base props keeps moving.  hahahaha

Meanwhile… a young small kid, Kay Kay sitting in the other side of the room, while Colette and Gwen is playing the Barbie Dolls… he sit there quietly and generate a few hundred frames of movie.  Kay Kay has not done this people, he has not learned before.  So, whatever he did, it is on his own after I gave him a tutorial how to press take photo. 

Look at the thought of the young kid.  

It’s imagination.

A roll of Lego fingerings wearing the sound proof headset.  Not any how take the characters from the box. (at 0:13 second)

The reason why Jedi Master yoda is there because, he was flying his Phantom and saw the accident and wish to offer help.  hahaha

Well done!  Not bad Kay Kay!

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