Jay Jay Back In Action In Badminton

Date:  Sep 20, 2015

The kids has a lot of sport activities each week.  This is one of them where both brothers enjoy playing. 

Screen Shot 2015 09 20 at 7 00 40 am

Jay Jay just recovered from a knee cut injury.  But seems like he has fully recovered.  This is his first training since resting 2 weeks for the injury.

Seems to me that he has finally learned how to get rid of his elbow problem when hitting the shuttlecock.  He uses to bend too much on his elbow.

But this week, I can see that he has improved a lot in this area.

Also, the foot work is starting to get better.

Can lar… next time can “xian char bo” using badminton.  🙂

Foot work is important.  That is why I also please to see how Kay Kay practise his foot work.  Well done Kay!

I think he can become better than his brother Jay Jay in 1-2 years time.  hahahahaha  Good work Kay!

Badminton is a sport I like.  I think it is the only sport I like.  

May be it is the gene, so, the two boys also likes to play badminton.

For Jay is for fitness.

For Kay is for fun!

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