Art Boot Camp Paintings @ Home (Updates)

Date:  Apr 14, 2015

Here is the update of our kids painting hanging on the wall in our home.

1.  Right side of the Entrance Area.  You open the main door, you are greeted by some of the best drawings from both Jay & Kay.

IMG 0050

2.  Left side of the Entrance Area.  Sometimes the kids do the same project.  And if they can be pair up, it will goes to this wall.  Quite amazing the pairing. 

IMG 0052

3.  At the dining table wall. 

IMG 0044

4.  Inside the kids play room, we hang these.

IMG 0048

5.  Some vertical paintings will be hang on the other wall inside the kids playroom.

IMG 0049

6.  With correct lighting, and from some angle, sitting there watching these paintings which is done by both Jay & Kay is an enjoyable thing to do.

IMG 0042

7.  The Kids bed room.  They sleep in this room.  We want to hang these early productions to remind them that they came a long way to produce nice art work hanging outside at the Dining table wall there.

IMG 0046

8.  The kids bedroom hangs their early work.  When they just started to learn how to draw.  

IMG 0043

Here are the recap why we do this?

a.  You spent quite some money $$$ on this enrichment class.  So, sometimes, they really draw very nice paintings, so, do you want it to be only appeared on the painting/drawing pad?  For us, we want ROI.  Return of Investment.  I don’t really care whether their drawings are nice or not nice, everything we will try to put it on the wall.  If one wall is filled, then, we open another wall.  Tell the kids if they don’t pay attention or draw nice nice, that ugly drawings will go into the toilet wall.  Yes, you will need to spent more on buying the canvas, but after you do what we did, you and your kids really feel good!  hahahaha

b.  The kids will be happy.  When they go to class, they have a sense of responsibility.  They will try their best to produce nice work.  They will listen to the teacher, they will use their imagination to draw nice nice.  When their painting goes up the wall, they felt good, they felt pride.  Their self-esteem will be increasing.  They will always have the positive thinking and energy.

c.  When I come back from work, and enter this house, all I see is my kids painting.  Some really not that nice, but once every thing were put on the wall, it some how blends in.  It looks great.  And that create positive chi in your home.  It is a nice and warm home, and that positive chi will make your whole family positive.

IMG 0047

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