Pay Respect to Dad 2015

Date:  Mar 29, 2015

Dad, your grand sons wish to tell you something.

IMG 0074

Your grandsons say: “Gong Gong, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew died on the same day as you.  Buy you died 26 years earlier.

IMG 0075

We never miss a year coming in to wash up your grave.

IMG 0078

Well, of course, now we have the grandsons wash your grave for us.

IMG 0080

Guess what are they doing?

IMG 0081

The kids decided to buy you a hut or house.  And a bridge.

IMG 0082

Yeap… Your new vacation place.  nice isn’t it?

IMG 0087

Here we start the repainting job.

IMG 0089

Hard work.  My back is a bit pain after doing all these.

Yup, I have grown older.  45 now.

IMG 0091

After repainting, it all look so new.

IMG 0097

And it rains.  

IMG 0099

OK.  See you next year.

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