A Good Malay Feast: Kedai Makan Rahmat

Date:  Mar 29, 2015

Yesterday, we went into Malaysia to visit my father’s grave.  My dad passed away 26 years ago on Mar 23.  It is before Qing-Ming, therefore, we always came in to pay respect during this time.

IMG 0099

The grave is around Kong Kong, which is close by Pasir Gudang,  So, we decided to search on Google places to eat after paying respect.

And we found this place.  Apparently a famous Malay restaurant by the seaside.

IMG 0144

Wow!  The restaurant only sell afternoon meals.  And close on Friday.

IMG 0102

The restaurant is just like those you find in Batam or Bintan.  But this restaurant sell Malay food.

IMG 0143

The restaurant is full of people.  People who is hungry just like us.

IMG 0106

The restaurant is just beside a fishing village.  This is where they supply all their sea food I suppose.

IMG 0104

Let’s check out what food they serve here…

This is ikan Siakap.

This fish is on EVERY SINGLE table.

IMG 0118

They slow fry the fish into very crispy.

IMG 0117

Inside and under the crispy skin is very delicious meaty fish.

IMG 0128

Every table also have this fry prawns.  Very nice and fresh prawns.

IMG 0119

The prawns go very well with this sauce.  Some kind of soya sauce with a bit of Onions, and lime, and chilli in it.

IMG 0109

The fish taste great with this home made sambal.

IMG 0111

This Tempeh is REALLY GOOD.  It sort of taste like banana, a bit sweet a nice.  Especially mix with the samba chilli.  This is actually fermented soybeans.   

IMG 0121

The beef rendang is very tasty too.

IMG 0122

The chilli ayam (chicken) sauce is nice.

IMG 0123

Fried kampung chicken.

IMG 0120

We never meant to be here, but here we are, and it is the only restaurant around where we are, deep inside a Malay fishing kampung.  So, let’s enjoy ourselves.

IMG 0130

OK.  The food was delicious.  Even the banana.

IMG 0132

There is even TV show recommend this place.

IMG 0133

This restaurant is opened by important people in Johor.

IMG 0138

It is located just slightly below Tanjong Putri Golf Resort.  Now we ate so full and did not have a chance to eat Famous Mee Soto.  hahaha

IMG 0131

This is the address and their name card.

IMG 0137

Map behind their name card.

IMG 0136

And here comes the bill.  Wow.  79 Ringgit.  About SGD$30 for a nice full table of food.  🙂  Good value and delicious.

IMG 0135

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