Kay Kay First Badminton Class

Date:  March 21, 2015

Kay Kay last week attended one of the “badminton play date” session with his brother Jay, together with Gwen and Colette and Ashlyn.

We have to thank Colette’s mommy, another sport enthusiast who book the court and drive the kids.

Gwen’s daddy is a badminton enthusiast.  He macam like play badminton 5 days a week like that.  

But Gwen’s daddy is good.  He knows how to play and train the kids.

Here, he is training Kay Kay and Colette.  Both kids sure have fun!

This is probably the first time Kay Kay playing badminton “seriously”.  Uncle Rusdi says he has “ball sense”.

So, what happen next is Kay Kay comes to mommy again and requested to join his brother Jay Jay in the badminton school.

So, early in the morning, we fill in the application forms, and prepare the cheques and we enrol him into Singapore Badminton School.  I asked the coach weather a K2 (6 years old) can be in the class.  The coach says as long as he got the heights he can play.  So, today is Kay Kay first lesson taking badminton class.

Here the two young coaches trying to get him up to speed holding the badminton racquet the correct way, etc. 

IMG 9645

I sat at the far end and watch how he learned.  And I must say, he is different from Jay Jay.  He really has that “serious face” of learning.  And he is very focus.

IMG 9648

Kay learning the foot works.  Got a bit confuse of the direction.  But this is his mommy fault.  I think Kay Kay by nature is left hander.  But his mommy was forcing him to use right hand all the time.  So, that is why I watch his stance, naturally he will do a certain action and then, feel awkward to continue the rest as it is not nature.  But let’s see how it goes.

Learning how to hit the shuttle.  

Here, he puts what he learned into action.

Now the forehand.  His forehand is quite ok.  That is why the coach ask other kids to look at him, as he can hit back the shuttle almost every time.

I guess this is his ball sense.  For this, he is much better than his brother.  The brother Jay has to work very extra hard to build the ball sense.  For Kay, it seems natural.

After the lesson, he wants some more practise.  

IMG 9745

This is Jay Jay’s lesson with the coach.  I can see after 2 years of efforts he can hit the shuttle quite confidently already.  This is good fitness for Jay Jay.  🙂

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