Kay’s First Student’s Recital Performance

Date:  March 22, 2015

This is my younger son, Kay Kay.

Today, he is going to go up stage to perform what he has learned from the Piano class.

IMG 9847

Yup, it is his first “100 Stages Students’ Recital” performance.  

I think he started to learn Piano from Cristofori since end of 2014.

It is hard work for parents as we need to pick him up and sent him to class.  So, on Wednesday, he always comes home late at 7:30pm because of the 30 minutes piano class.


Influenced by his brother, Jay Jay.  He started to like Piano.  One day, he come back from school and tell mommy he wanted to learn piano.

That is how he got into this piano.

Take note, still, Mommy and Daddy has not played piano before when we were young.  And I don’t think we have much musical instinct in our cells.

So, the kids have to learn on their own, and pick up piano from the class on their own.

Today will be the Recital performance.  So, he has been practising hard at home.

IMG 9793

He actually can perform without the music CD.  Let’s take a look.  This is 10 minutes before the performance.

Very playful.

Because Jay Jay has to go to the Golf School later for Monthly competition.  So, the school have arranged him to be the first one to performance.  No pressure at all.


Since this is his very first performance the teacher insists he follows the music CD.  Teacher says he always practice in school using the CD.  I told the teacher, but he practice at home without the CD.  But then, it was decided to let him follow the CD.

He is pretty serious when he performs.  Don’t you think?  HaHaHaHa… I seldom see that kind of serous face.

And he got a certificate from his teacher Jay.  Yeap, the teacher is the same name as Jay Jay.  That is why he is willing to learn from teacher Jay.  Because of this same name.  HaHaHaHa…

Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 9825

So shy.  Receiving his certificate from teacher Jay.

All the students who performed yesterday.

IMG 9832

OK.  What a relief.  Drink lots of water.  Eat the sushi.  Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 9834

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