Lego Organisations

Date:  Mar 10, 2015

Nowadays kids play Lego very differently.

1.  Daddy daddy, I want you to buy this Lego set for me.

2.  Once they build it.  The Lego set will stay there for months or years to collect dust.

3.  You end up with many Lego sets all fully build with lots of dust on it.

You wonder…

Lego suppose to help your kids creative.  Not to follow instruction and build the Lego set.

Kids should learn how to build things that they like using their imaginations.

Luckily The Lego Movie has taught our kids one important thing.

Master Builder!!!

Is your kid a master builder?  No?  Neh-neh-neh-poo-poo!

Then, the next thing you know… all the kids wanted to be a master builder.


In order to become a master builder, you need to build a correct environment for them to easily become a master builder.

Here is what I did.

A.  Break all the sets up.  Those that is not worth keeping, break them up into pieces.  Of course, those like Star Wars set, if you wish to keep it, don’t break it.  Once you break the Lego set up, you end up with lots of different Lego items.  So, you will need to know how to organise it!

IMG 9467

B.  Of course, you can arrange all the same or similar part together.  Such as like this.  But one problem, there are too many different types of parts.  So, it does not make sense to do so.

IMG 9465

C.  I used to keep them in here.  But still too many variety makes it harder for you to find the parts.  You simply cannot mix them together.

IMG 9469

D.  I try to keep them here too.  It works, but still not enough.  And the container is not so stable.  Sometimes when you bring them around, one of the box lose the grip and drop on the floor, you end up with many Lego pieces lying on the ground.  Haiz. 

IMG 9468

E.  It can be a mess to leave on the ground just like that!

IMG 9478


F.  I found these cabinet shelf at the hardware department of Giant Supermarket.  It is OK affordable (from Giant).  And it is quite useful.  So, I slowly buy a few of them and slowly begin my organisation project.

IMG 9471

G.  You noticed those small Lego pieces “stick” on every drawer compartment?  Yeah, to quickly identify where I store all the different Lego parts, I stick one of the same parts outside the drawer.

IMG 9474

H.  So, if you need any parts, just go to the drawer and pick.  It is easier this way.  All same or similar parts are placed in the same drawers and each drawers has a marker to indicate what parts it is.

IMG 9475

I.  So, how do I stick it on the drawer?

IMG 9476

J.  Go to hardware store to buy these heavy duty double sided tape for plastic.

IMG 9472

K.  I thought of using the super glue, yeah, Kra-gel.  But better not.

IMG 9473

L.  See what I mean?  After you organise it, it is simpler for you to look for correct parts so that you can build something you like using your creativity, and imagination.

IMG 9477

M.  Oh ya, forgot to introduce, under these uni-color blocks, underneath it is a House.  Build by my son Jay Jay & his play dates Ashlyn.  Under the big roof, you see table inside the house, you see stairs, and you see people inside.  Got chair, got cupboard, etc.  Beside it is a sky bridge.  Under the bridge is car park space.

IMG 9466

N.  I am very happy with my work here.  I will reuse some of the container to place more different parts in it.  And hopefully my son will learn how to find parts to build what he wants.  And thus become a real master builder.  hahahaha

IMG 9470

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