Star Wars Miniland

Date:  Sep 8, 2014

We didn’t know it was the opening for Star Wars Miniland.  

IMG 0129But we were lucky to be there.

Every kids will get a pack of Adventure Kids.

You need to finish all the activity paper in it and you get a price from Legoland.

IMG 0252

At the entrance there are three iconic figures.  Dart Vadar.

IMG 0166

Here are the lovely duo – CP30 & R2D2.

IMG 0169

When you enter, they show you a short movie of Jar Jar Bings run into 6 Star Wars movies scenes and being hunted by Boba Fett.  It is very funny, quite entertaining Lego Star Wars short film.  “Bombad Bounty”

IMG 0171

Battle of Naboo.

IMG 0174

Very big Millennium Falcon.

IMG 0186

The engine and thruster got lights too.

IMG 0192

Imperial armies are attacking the shield generators.  See that small little Luke Skywalker trying to bomb the AT-AT?

IMG 0201

The rebels is going to take over this place soon.

IMG 0207

The emperor shuttle.

IMG 0209

It’s Dart Vadar.

IMG 0234

Selfie with Dart Vadar.

IMG 0243

The Star Wars Miniland is just Star Wars made by Lego Bricks.  If you grew up with Star Wars, you will love it.


We really spent an hour to do this.

The questions is very hard.  Haha.. 

Especially this one.

Here are the model answers.  Hahahaha

We have to use Internet to find all the answers.

IMG 0246

This is done by 5 years old Kay Kay.

IMG 0247

This is done by Jay Jay and Mommy.

IMG 0248

This is done by Jay Jay.

IMG 0249

Kay Kay did this.

IMG 0250

As for this, our answers is wrong.  The answers is 5 for R2-D2, and 6 for C3PO.

IMG 0251

We spotted the first pair at the entrance.  But these does not count ya!

IMG 0223

A pair here.

IMG 0227

A pair there.

IMG 0228

One pair here.

IMG 0230

A pair here.

IMG 0231

The 5th pair is here.  But we could not find the extra CP3O.

IMG 0233

Then, you go and get your price.  You lucky draw a brick.  If it is red brick you get big price.  If it is yellow brick, you get this.  Jek-14.

IMG 0254

Oh boy, the kids are happy.

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