Free Legoland Tickets When You Recycle Your Coca-cola Bottle

Date:  Sep 8, 2014

Don’t know where to go during September school holidays?

Try Legoland.

They are giving away FREE tickets for kids if you recycle your Coca-cola bottles.

IMG 0008

This promotion starts Aug 15 to Sep 30, 2014.

IMG 0005

So far, they have recycled 19,747 bottles.  19,747 discount vouchers has been given away.

IMG 0288

The kids love to place their Coca-cola bottles here.

IMG 0007

Wait a minute?

This is not Coca-cola.

But look carefully, it is a product of The Coca-Cola Company too.

IMG 0009

By simply recycle the bottle, you get a free ticket for kids.

IMG 0276

So, KIDS GO FREE WITH FULL PAYING ADULT.  So, if you got two kids, buy two adults tickets and you get the kids tickets free.

This is for Legoland only not for the water park.

IMG 0280

Green Tea bottle also can.

IMG 0062

Minute Maid Orange bottle also can.  Because all are Coca-Cola Company.

IMG 0063

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