Robotics Using Lego Mindstorms EV3

Date:  Aug 16, 2014

Today at Wonders Work at Liang Court, Jay & Riandy had their first experience with Lego Mindstorms EV3.

Enzo (the instructor) decided to let them both try the EV3.  Previously, they uses NXT. 

IMG 8972

This week project is a motorcycle that rides around the EV3 controller.  The motor sits on the controller itself and it rotates the wheels.

IMG 8992

The programming style is different from the NXT.  So, they spent quite a bit of time to understand the interface, and trying to get their motorcycle working.

IMG 8978

Everything seems new to them today.

IMG 8980

Final check on the code and design.

IMG 8982

 OK.  Finally, he got it to work.  But he has to keep pressing the controller so to stabilise the controller.  Otherwise, when the motorcycle turn round and round, it will flip the controller.

Here is another quick look at this week project.

Cool!  Jay was very happy today.

Letting the kid to have fun in some class that he likes seems to make the kid always looking forward to this class.  Jay always eager wanted to make new things, learn new things.  Slowly, he will learn a lot of things that is not going to be taught in the normal Primary syllabus.  I think this skill will be very useful when he grew up.

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