PTPS Lower Primary Sport Day 2014

Date: Aug 17, 2014

Yeap!  Time flies.

It is that time again, 1 day before the National Day, which is the Lower Primary Sport Day.

IMG 8250

This is the day where all P1 and P2 students gathered together to compete in sport.

IMG 8415

Now, the speak out the sportsmanship oath.  Promise to compete fair and square.

IMG 8301

This year, Jay Jay compete in two even.  First is the Zig Zag run.  Watch the Slo Mo video.  


Next is the Hula Hoot Skipping Race.  He is indeed pretty fast.


Of course the happiest moment is to get the medal.

IMG 8410

This is the medal ceremony.


Yeah!  The first medal.

IMG 8422

Another medal.


Although it is not gold.  A silver and bronze already make this boy happy and smile all the time.

IMG 8459

OK.  That’s it for Lower Primary Sport Day.  Next year will be more competitive.

IMG 8467

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