Jay & The Story of Erhu (二胡)

Date:  Aug 1, 2014

This is a very interesting story.

This boy, Jay Jay.  Is very happy yesterday!

IMG 7937

Today came back from the school proudly with a form.

It seems that he has passed a test of playing Er Hu (二胡) in his music class.  

And because he passed the test, he got invited to join the Chinese Orchestra CCA class in school.

And the form is the ask for permission to join form.


Now, the interesting story is… 

1.  Neither me or my wife have any musical gene.  That is why we do not play any instrument when we were young.  I played some guitars back then, but not very good.  I played ukulele, but it is good enough to play and sing for my kids.  

2.  The first instrument Jay played is Violin.  And he did not play the violin well simply because there are 4 strings in a violin I guess.  So, I am guessing, because Er Hu has only 2 string, that is why he felt in love playing it?  

3.  Then, he learned piano, but he is still learning the instrument.  Nothing much to make noise about.

4.  In school, last year, the first instrument he learned is flute.  And He does not seems to like it.  May be because you need to make use of all fingers to cover or half cover the holes and you need to blow in a certain way to make music.

5.  But, for Er Hu, he has been enthusiastic about it ever since he learned it.

6.  We do not have an Er Hu at home.  But he can tell us that, don’t worry, all he need to do is to pass the test and he can borrow the Er Hu home.

7.  Every Thursday, he would tell mommy things about Er Hu, his music class and so on.

8.  And he is very focus, and determine to pass his Er Hu test.

9.  And he finally made it.  And they invited him to join the CCA.


10.  This has showed that Jay Jay has grown up to have his own mind.  He gets to choose and pick what he wanted to learn.  He has picked something that his mom and dad are not familiar with.  That shows how mature this kid has grown into.

11.  I suspect he even influence all his good friends to take Er Hu, to pass Er Hu test and to join the CCA.

12.  You can see how proud he is when he talk to you about Er Hu.  

13.  We are glad that the school has given him this opportunity, and we can see that this kid is cherish every single moment of it.

14.  This is something he has chosen himself, and something that he put in efforts to learn on his own, without parents involvement. 

We as parent, also felt extremely proud of this moment, and we will give 100% support to him.

Now, make me want to see how does Er Hu works.


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