My Trek Bike That Has Run 5000KM

Date:  July 30, 2014

This is my bike.

I am not a serious bike fan that ride bike at night with friends.  Those people own a road bike can cycle 40-80km per day.

I am a casual bike rider.

I ride bike for exercise.

I didn’t want to run, because I already can feel my left knee cap is not feeling click if I run too much.  

Riding bike is just like swimming, it has low impact to your knees.

So, if I am in Singapore, and I can wake up early, and I don’t need to send my kids to school, usually, I will bike.

IMG 7893

This is where I bike.

From my Park West condo, I ride along the landed property Faber Walk area to reach the Ulu Pandan canal there.  Then, I cycle to Commonwealth Ave along M1 building.  Then, ride back to Clementi Road.  And then, go back to the Commonwealth Ave.  Then, across AYE to the other side of the AYE towards Pandan Loop area.  And then ride back to Commonwealth Ave.  And then, Ride to Clementi Ave.   And then, ride back to Park West.  

Like that, back and forth 2 times, it will clocked at least 20KM with at least 1 hour non-stop work out.

IMG 7896

By the way, I am using Runkeeper to keep track of all my exercises, such as cycling, walking, running, swimming.

It is a great tools.  It keep a tap of how much exercise you have done.

Each exercise, it tells you how long, what its he average speed, how far, and how much calories.

After each exercise, it will auto post a message to my social circle.

Sometimes, if for a few days I didn’t bike, some of my friends will say “Hey, how come I didn’t see you cycling in the morning?”

Then, you defence a bit and next day, you go to cycle again.

IMG 7897

It actually tells you how well you are doing in each KM.  So that you can analyse at which point you actually feels tired.  Otherwise you will be consistent most of the time.

IMG 7898

It even tells you that when you are cycling over a hill with elevation, your speed drops because of that.

IMG 7899

Of course, virtually, you are doing exercise with your friends.  You can compare yourself with your friends, are you working out? 

IMG 7900

But, the best statistics of all is this.

From Sep 2010 when I started using Runkeeper, that is about when I own this bicycle.

I have done 420 activities.

I have cycle about 5583KM so far.

So how far is 5583KM?

That’s far.

I am proud of myself.

For utilising the bicycle and clock it so long distance.  Yeah!

IMG 7891

I think those 3 bikes below, don’t even clock a combine 500KM.  Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

IMG 7894

And don’t forget, after every exercise, you must eat well.

When you do exercise, your body will burn the fat and that is the time bad radicals will come out releasing from your body.

So, you will need a strong defence systems to counter off these bad radicals.  Otherwise, you will easily get sick.

Before the ride, I take one breakfast.

After the ride, I take my second breakfast.

IMG 7895

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