The F Word

That day at the swimming pool, one of Kay Kay’s swimming class students was shouting “F*cking Hell”.

It came out from the mouth of a may be 7-8 years old kid.  He was clearly frustrated with something and out from his mouth, it was that F+H words.

Where do kids learn all these “bad words?”

In my opinion, there are mainly three main sources.

1.  From the movie.  If you watch some of the Hollywood movies, you will find that the F words kept appeaering in those movies.  The kids may not know what does the F word means, but the next thing you know after they watch the movie, they automatically “copy” the word into their small little mind.  And one day, don’t be surprise that the F word slipped out from their mouth.

  So, when we picked the movie or TV shows we need to be very careful so to avoid those movies that has vougar language in it.

  When you have Netflix, Hulu at home, you have to be careful too.  So, the best is to watch Hollywood movies when the kids are asleep.  I don’t think you want the kid to learn the F word that early.

  When you download Hollywood movies from the torrent sites, you got to be careful too.  Because all these movies and TV shows that you downloaded are 100% not censored.  So, the chance to catch the F word phrase are quite high.

  Some parents may not even realiaze this, and think that it is so cool to bring kids to watch Hollywood movies.  So, you will need to be careful about this.  So, next time when you bring kids to watch Hollywood blockbusters, please be mindful about it.  

  Yesterday, I was showing my boys the Simpsons cartoon show.  I like to let them watch this latest episode because this is the episode where Homer Simpson’s trapped inside the Lego fantasy world of his as he likes the moment he spent with his daughter playing the Lego bricks.  So, what I did, is I actually watch that episode first before I show to my kids.  And before the show, I told both Jay & Kay that, hey, the TV shows has one occasion where it says the “S” (Stupid) word.  At first, Jay refuse to watch it, because he says got “S” word in it.  I then told him that it is OK.  As long as you know that saying “S” words is not polite.  They understand it.

  Last month, I also watched the Captain America – Winter Soldiers first and have actually know that there are not much vulgar langues in there, then, I brought them to see it, and they enjoy it very much.

2.  From the Parents.  Most of the time, kids are learning from their parents.  I see a lot of parents speaking bad words in front of  the kids.  For example, at a Lego store, a daddy talked to his son, “Who is so stupid put the things here?” of course, when his kid heard it, he will says the same thing, same way.

I even caught my wife sometimes swear unintentionally in from of our kids.  This is when she is not aware of that Jay or Kay is around her.

Kids look up to the parents in every thing.  They learned everything from their parent.  They learned the way how their parent speak.  So, if the parents ill treated the domestic maid at home, “Why you so stupid?”… The kids soon will pick up those lines.

Now, just imagine, when the parents start to swear using the F words.  What will the kids do?  They learned.  They think it is right.

So, when we are with our kids, we will have to watch out our mouth.  Everything from our mouth has to be clean.  When you read papers, magazine, and watch TV and you saw something unpleasant, and out from now where, the anger strike you, watch around you, to see if your kids are around or not.  Don’t say the F word in front of the kids.

In our home, learning how to RESPECT other people is top priority.  I have made it very clear that if the kids did not say nice things to our domestic helper, they will get very severe punishment from daddy.  You have to set rules for your kids so that they know why they cannot do that or do this.  Especially saying the F words.

3.  From his/her friends.  Because parents of the other kids sometimes may not be so strict.  So, they let them watch movies that has not be screened thru, or say the bad things in front of their kids.  So, those kids learned it and use it almost daily basis.

We can change those people but what we can do is to train our kids.  Let them know what is called bad influence.  Teach them young, so that they know what they can do.

Everyday, have a pet talk with your kids.  Find out what is going on at school.  Sometimes, you can ask if anyone speak of F words?  Jay will tell me that so and so speak of F word.  And what will Jay do, Jay actually will go and tell the form teacher about it.  So, let the adult or form teacher to handle it.

Always remember, how you teach your kid is how your kids most likely going to grow up into.  So, the more time you spent on your kids, the more time they will learn your way.  Always be mindful of things that you teach them.  Run simulations in your mind to see what will happen after they picked up this and that.  Kids always in learning mode.

Good luck!

Oh ya… one of the useful tip is to bring them to Haw Par Villa.  There, bring them to the “Hell” to show them what is “Hell” actually means.  Bring them to see “If people always swear in bad words” what will happen to them.  Show them the horrioble, bloody image displays.  Those punishment images hopefully will scare them a bit.  hahahahahaha



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