Reading Books

Don’t feel sad if your kid don’t like to read.  


No matter how hard much you push them, they simply don’t like to read.


May be it is time to look at what he or she fond of.


Jay loves to build things using Minecraft or LEGO.  So, what I did is I bought a lot a lot of Minecraft guides, Lego instructions and so on.  And mix it with all the rest of the books.


Surprisingly, he reads those beginner guides of Minecraft.  And patiently he can finished reading 

half of the books in a day.  Those books usually have smaller words and very thick.


So, some kids are like this.  They like to read what they love to read.  So, don’t force them.



Now you know why we recently install a new bookshelf just to place their books so that they can easily access those books at any time.  Previously, we place the books at mutiple places.  And sometimes, little Kay could not even reach to it.  Now, look at it, the bottom 6 shelves are theirs. 



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