A Simple Birthday Meal

Date:  May 3, 2014

This week, I had to go to Jakarta for a couple of days.  But I came back on Wednesday as it is my wife birthday.

IMG 3363

Option 1:  Go out and find a restaurant and buy a bottle of wine and celebrate.  Spent a couple hundreds on the birthday meal.

Option 2:  Stay at home, cook a simple meal, open a bottle of good wine and celebrate.  Spent lesser on birthday meal.

So, I asked my lovely wife and she says option 2.  No a single hesitation.  Wahahaha

So, I bought two pieces of Kobe Beef to cook for her.  And she loves it!

IMG 3330

The fatty meat is not as lumped as Wagyu.  The fat is evenly distributed.

IMG 3331

Let’s cook it.  Grill it.

IMG 3329

One with olive oil and the other without olive oil.

IMG 3332

It is a thin piece, so no need to cook for so long.  Remember to use the aluminium foil to wrap it to self heat for another few minutes.

IMG 3335

The meat was very tender, and it is indeed very different from Wagyu.

IMG 3337

It is much more juicy and tasty!

IMG 3338

No wonder she so happy!

IMG 0008 2

For the kids, I cooked the beef bee hoon with tomato sauce.

IMG 3326

For a final touch, I added in some mushrooms..

IMG 3327

As for the wine choice, non other than the 2005 Amarone Classico.  Nice!

IMG 3334

Of course the kids are very happy of the Birthday Cake.

IMG 3356

Let’s light it up!

IMG 3360

 Kids, let’s sing a birthday song for mommy.

Happy Birthday to Wife Wife.

 Let’s blow the candles.

IMG 3370

And finally cut the cake.

IMG 3378

So, in summary ….

1)  We had a great meal.  Not cheap for a home meal, but great meal.

2)  This is the first time all of us ate Kobe Beef.  Kobe Beef was banned from exporting until 2013.  So, if you eat Kobe Beef outside of Japan, it is either illegal or it is highly chance of “fake” Kobe beef.

3)  If I took them to high end restaurant to eat the Kobe Beef, I think I need to spent > $500.

4)  We open a good wine for the steak.  If you go out restaurant, the corkage will be extra $50-$100.

5)  The kids and take their own sweet time to eat, to play and setup the birthday cake, takes lots of pictures.

6)  So that night, I spent may be less than $400 for the birthday meal but it brought happy faces to the home.  

7)  So, guys, try it.  Cook for your wife.  It’s cheaper that way.  WAHAHAHAHAHA

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