Lego Master Builder – Yoshihito Isogawa

Date:  May 6, 2014

Mr. Yoshihito Isogawa is a real person Lego Master Builder.

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He actually wrote these three fantastic books to teach kids & adults how to build simple Lego machines.

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Last week, Isogawa-san hold a Machines & Robots workshops at Liang Court.  WondersWork @ Liang Court invited him to come and give a workshop to the kids.

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Since he is here, Jay bought two of his books for him to sign his autograph.

IMG 3643

Happy Jay got his signatures on two of his books.  Yeah!  This is the first time Jay Jay meet an author of a book, and ask for the author’s autograph.  Cool!

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Click the following links to check out his work!

Look at this piece of art work.  It is a tape dispenser with a blade to cut the tape.  HaHa and it is build from Lego bricks.

He is truly a master builder.

IMG 3665 

The kids are waiting to see his work.

IMG 3676

He brought a lot Lego machines that are made by him.  All these machines are very simple machines but yet complicated.

IMG 3671 

The workshop started around 2:40pm as we need to wait for the Obstacle competition to finished.

IMG 3677

Oh, they have to wait for the MC – Ms. Reiko to finished the MCing the Obstacle course.

IMG 3680

Isogawa will deliver his presentation in Japanese, and Ms. Reiko will translate it to English for the kids. 

Today workshop the kids are able to touch Isogawa’s work and play with it.  

When Isogawa take out his Lego machines, all the kids stand up and move towards the table to take a closer look.

IMG 3700

Later the kids touches all sort of different kind of simple machines.

IMG 3725

The color recognition robot.

IMG 3735

The Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots.

IMG 3737

Jay has learned from the workshop the followings:

1.  Lego bricks can be used to build real tools.

2.  It does not have to be a very complicated designed for the machine to work.  See how few bricks Isogawa-san uses to build all these wonderful machines.

3.  He learned about the Hydro power lego machines.

Most importantly, Jay & Kay had a lot of fun during the sessions.

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