Plucking Jambu

Date:  May 2, 2014

Yesterday, we went to uncle Hock Koon’s mom’s place to pluck jambu. 

Jambu has a long name called “Syzgium Samarangense”.  In short for English, it is also called “Rose Apple”.

Health benefits: 

1.  Prostate Cancer Prevention

2.  Breast Cancer Protection

3.  Lower Cholesterol

4.  Beneficial for Diabetics

5.  Good for brain and Liver

IMG 3451

Wow, did not know it is so good.  I love jambu since from young.  It is easy to eat.  Very juicy too.

This year, thanks to the extra-ordinary dry season we had 1-2 months ago, the jambu tree bear a lot of fruits.  The most ever produced.

So, we brought the kids there to pluck it.


IMG 3464

When it is red, then, you can pluck it!

IMG 3467

And we used scissors to cut it.

IMG 3468

See… my jambu.

IMG 3479

Kay Kay also having fun cutting the jambu.

IMG 3461

The whole trees full of jambu.

IMG 3472

Let’s bring it to the next level.  Jay, climb up the ladder!

IMG 3482

That’s right.  Cut it down, one by one.  Mommy is beside you to catch you if you fall.  hahaha

IMG 3490

Kay Kay… your turn!

IMG 3500

Within Minutes we plucked a basketful.

IMG 3507

There are too many jambu, so, we also asked some little helper to come and pluck.  Lukas & Louis came at a later time to pluck.

IMG 3540

Uncle Hock Koon busy cutting the jambu.

IMG 3508

The jambu is very juicy just like grapes, and has tannin taste.  So, wine it is to go with it.  Wahahaha

IMG 3539

Hwee Tong is happy to see the wine.  And I am waiting for mine too.  HaHaHa

IMG 3544

These jambu must taste together with this Sambal Rojak.

IMG 3545

It is from PENANG!  Cheong Kim Chuan!

I bought this from Penang Kitchen. 

IMG 3546

Penang Kitchen:  5 Coronation Rd, Singapore 269406.

Screen Shot 2014 05 02 at 7 19 53 am

OK.  It’s time to pluck more.  

IMG 3523

So, that is how the kids learn how to climb ladder, and pluck real fruits from real tree.  It is indeed hard work.

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