Gadget: LG Pocket Photo Printer (PD233)

Date:  Jan 29, 2014

I got a new toy.

I actually bought it few last week but I have not open the box until today.

It is the world smallest pocket printer for printing photos.

When it first came out 1-2 years ago, I was so hoping that it support the IOS.  But it didn’t.  So, I waited waited and waited until 1-2 months ago, and it finally came out with a version that support IOS.

Connectivity is done by BLUETOOTH.  And it comes with the LG Photo Printer App for you to edit, modify, add frames, add words and QR codes to your photos.

IMG 9079

The App is quite clean.  User interface is OK easy to understand, just like most of the IOS app.

So, within no time, I created this photo.  

Then, I press print.

IMG 9080

The printer does not use ink or cartridges.  

When you first print, it will scan and print out this blue sheet.

IMG 9081

Not sure what it does.  

IMG 9083

And here it printed out the photo.  It is a small photo.  But it is good enough for giving people as a gift.

And if you use any QR Code scanner to scan the QR code…

IMG 9082

Let’s scan.

IMG 9085

And the face book page link is shown there.  Clicking on it….

IMG 9086

It goes to your Facebook acct to that photo you have just uploaded.

IMG 9084

This is cool.  Let’s print another.

IMG 9093

It’s printing….

IMG 9095

And here is the photo again.  Cool!  Very cool!

IMG 9096

It is very light, and it is portable.  You can carry it to any where you like.

However, each time, you can place I think 10 photo paper in it.  (I think).

And 30x photo paper cost about $16.  it is a bit costly as each piece is about 50 cents.

But for kids, it is OK.  The printer itself I think is about $200 like that.  

Love it!

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