Realmadrid Foundation Soccer Free Trial

Date:  Dec 17, 2013

I like Jay Jay to be exposed to all sort of sports.

So, this is the first time we sent him to a soccer trial.  His friend did teach him a few tricks, but he has not gone thru any real soccer training.

So, let’s see how it goes.

Screen Shot 2013 12 18 at 8 20 43 am

This is one of the coach.  He is from Spain.  The other coach is from spain too.

And I am actually quite amaze that this 5 kids actually listen to the coach to perform each training drill.

All of them is well behave.  Take a look at the following videos later.

IMG 5973

The location is at the sport Cage deep within the turf club.

IMG 5923

It seems like Jay Jay and his friends are having lots of fun!

IMG 5924

I didn’t know soccer / football is so big in Singapore and there are so many fields here for people to play.

IMG 5928

They boys behaving, they listen, they do and execute.  That is a good thing.

IMG 5932

They start using hands first.  Then, they use legs to kick.

IMG 5936

Every kids is running.

Every kids running and kicking… sure will burn lots of energy.

Lukas… goal!  Her come Jay Jay…

I think quite fun!

This is at the beginning where they learn how to 走位.

I can tell from Jay Jay expression that he loves this sport.

If he likes it, it looks like I am going to sent him there.

IMG 5958

I hope his friends can be there too. 🙂

IMG 5972

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